Quick ‘Monsters At Work’ Review – ‘Little Monsters’

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I’ve seen another enjoyable episode in the ‘Monsters at Work’ series on Disney+. ‘Monsters at Work’ has been a nice series to check out each week lately. Apparently, a second season is in development according to cast member Henry Winkler. I hope it won’t be long before the second season comes. 🙂

In this episode, Tylor Tuskmon hasn’t been doing well. He’s had several failed jokester auditions with Ms. Flint, who tells him he’s not funny. I suppose it makes sense considering Tylor was meant to be a scarcer, not a jokester. But it’s unfair of Ms. Flint not to give Tylor more auditions for the laugh floor.

Tylor soon sees an opportunity to redeem himself once Monsters Inc. has its annual ‘Mini Monsters Day’. Mike and Sulley must have been lucky to take Boo disguised as a little monster to work in the ‘Monsters Inc.’ film before Mini Monsters Day happened. Tylor meets up with Ms. Flint’s daughter. 🙂

The daughter is called Thalia. Tylor tries to impress her with his jokes but doesn’t so well in that regard. They briefly do get along with each other when MIFT rescues a baby monster from the door shafts, but she tells him he’s not funny. Thalia doesn’t seem the friendly type when Tylor meets her.

Tylor rants to Val about Ms. Flint and her daughter, to which Thalia overhears and decides to go and tell her mother. Tylor chases after Thalia and crashes into a coffee cart, inadvertently ending up making others laugh. Tylor soon admits to Thalia that he wanted to make her laugh to be a jokester.

When Tylor is honest with Thalia, he earns her respect. She later tells MIFT that she enjoyed her day with them and they’re the unsung heroes of Monsters Inc., including Tylor. She later tells her mother that she found Tylor funny. Perhaps Ms. Flint will change her mind about Tylor here. Let’s hope so. 😐

The episode also features a brief cameo of Adorable (voiced by John Ratzenberger) who appeared in the previous episode. Bonnie Hunt voices Ms. Flint in the ‘Monsters at Work’ series, reprising her role from the ‘Monsters Inc.’ film. Interesting fun fact: Kelly Marie Tran was meant to voice Val Little.

I wonder why that didn’t happen. The episode concludes with another ‘Mike’s Comedy Class’ segment where Mike gets help from Sulley about the concept of a comedy duo. It was funny when Mike thought himself as the straight man but ended up being the goofball. Overall, a fun episode! 😀

Stay tuned for my review on the next episode in the ‘Monsters at Work’ series called ‘Bad Hair Day’.

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