2 Quick ‘Monsters At Work’ Reviews – ‘Bad Hair Day’ + ‘It’s Laughter They’re After’

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I originally had in mind to review the ninth episode of ‘Monsters At Work’ this week and then the tenth episode next week. But then I decided, what the heck? Let’s check out the last two episodes of ‘Monsters At Work’ in one review. And I’ve greatly enjoyed checking out this Pixar series on Disney+.

In the ninth episode called ‘Bad Hair Day’, Tylor Tuskmon decides to focus on being a perfect MIFT member instead of being a jokester. This was interesting to see as for most of the series, Tylor has wanted to be a jokester, but his previous failed auditions have lowered his morale to achieve that. 😐

Meanwhile, the other MIFT members celebrate former employee David who was sucked into a shredder shaft and got killed. The only thing remaining of David happens to be a lock of hair which they’ve kept in a jar to honour him. It’s weird to do, but it’s then the MIFT team we’re talking about.

Tylor tries to prove himself being a worthy member of the MIFT team by doing other tasks for them. This is while they’re out of the office. It becomes disastrous when Duncan’s pet Roto eats David’s hair. Tylor should have sealed the cage he was in after feeding him. A clumsy mistake there, Tylor! 😀

When Tylor tries to catch Roto who goes on the run, he eventually goes to the shredder shaft to find more of David’s hair. He accidentally turns the shredder on and gets knocked out once he’s switched it off. He soon dreams being in ‘Monster Heaven’ and meets David when he’s at the ‘pearly gates’. 😀

Tylor wakes up back in the office and patches things up with putting Roto back in his cage and restoring David’s hair. What’s interesting is that Roze, the sister of Roz from ‘Monsters, Inc.’ helps Tylor out by giving some of her hair to replace David’s. This is unusual to see watching the episode. 🙂

The MIFT team soon see what Tylor has done, especially when Roto coughs David’s hair out. Tylor ends up admitting what happened. Fritz and the others (except Duncan, I think) commend Tylor for his honesty, assuring him he’s a good MIFT member. They also have more of David’s hair to replace.

The episode concludes with a segment of ‘Mike’s Comedy Class’ where Mike explains improvisation to his class and he asks for suggestions. However, the class are unhelpful when they suggest cube objects instead of spheres. What’s interesting is that Sulley doesn’t appear in this particular episode.

The tenth and final episode of ‘Monsters At Work’ is called ‘It’s Laughter They’re After’. In the episode, Mike and Sulley are told by Roz that the Monstropolis Energy Regulatory Commission has found that Monsters Inc. is not generating enough power and that laugh power isn’t that reliable. 😐

Unless the factory can generate one million ‘gigglewatts’ (Ha, funny! :D) in one day, Monsters Inc. will be shut down. Oh dear! The power will also be transferred to Fear Co. (which has retained the scaring method). This is something that Sulley disapproves of, especially with what happened to Boo.

As laugh power provides ten times more power than scream power, Tylor comes up with a way to build larger canisters. Cutter works on a prototype and Tylor is summoned to Ms. Flint’s office where she tells him that his humour comes from physical comedy instead of joke-making. This is intriguing.

Mike makes Tylor a jokester-in-training to help out with the factory generating power. Tylor soon ends up on the laugh floor and the MIFT team cheer him off. Tylor gets to perform his physical comedy and it works out well. They also manage to meet the deadline and generate enough power.

Cutter even brings in the larger prototype canister and attaches it to Mike’s door in order to get in the laugh power that Monstropolis needs. Monsters Inc is soon saved from shutting down and Tylor gets transferred to the laugh floor as an official jokester. Val also becomes his assistant in the end. 🙂

Mike suspects that Roz and Roze are the same person, especially when we don’t see them meeting each other. It’s an intriguing open-ended debate. Are Roz and Roze the same person? I wouldn’t be surprised, especially concerning Bob Peterson voiced them both in the ‘Monsters At Work’ series. 😀

The episode concludes with the epilogue from the ‘Monsters, Inc.’ film where we see things from Tylor and the MIFT team’s point of view. I like how the ‘Monsters At Work’ series has been building up to the episode from the ‘Monsters, Inc.’ film and how it all makes sense when you think about it.

‘Monsters At Work’ has been a great Pixar series to check out on Disney+ lately. I’m glad I’ve been able to see it all the way through, and like Fritz, I hope there’ll be a second season of the show soon. I certainly approve of the sitcom approach the series is going in to make it all the more entertaining.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂


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