‘Flux’/Series 13 of ‘Doctor Who’ – Final Thoughts


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As I’ve done with Series 11 and 12 of ‘Doctor Who’, it’s only fair that I share my final thoughts on Series 13, which is essentially the six-part story called ‘Flux’. I hope to update my ‘final thoughts’ on ‘Flux’/Series 13 when it comes to talking about the season in my review on the upcoming Blu-ray set.

‘Flux’/Series 13 of ‘Doctor Who’ has been pretty enjoyable to sit through. I’ve enjoyed the six weeks featuring an instalment of the six-part adventure and I admire Chris Chibnall and his production team for putting together this epic story, especially during the period of the coronavirus pandemic – please keep safe. 🙂

I can imagine how challenging it must have been to put this six-part adventure together and I think most of it comes together really well. With that said, I rewatched the episodes a number of times on BBC iPlayer in order to appreciate the complexities and what was occurring in each instalment. 🙂

I don’t think everything gets answered in a satisfying manner. The villains are a problem for me. Whilst I enjoyed the Sontarans, the Ravagers – Swarm and Azure – as well as the Grand Serpent were underdeveloped in my opinion. The story’s complexities got in the way of their development. 😦

It’s a shame, as the actors themselves playing the characters are very good and they do their best with the material given. I can’t say it’s a major criticism since all turned out well in the end with the Doctor sorting out the Flux, but I wish a lot more was given in terms of the villains’ backstories here.

On the plus side, Jodie Whittaker continues to be excellent as the Thirteenth Doctor. I especially enjoyed her relationship with Mandip Gill as Yaz and it was nice to have her form a new friend in John Bishop as Dan. John Bishop turned out to be a really good ‘Doctor Who’ companion, didn’t he?

I know criticisms continue to be laid on Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor, but she continues to be one of my favourite Doctors in the entire series. Mainly because she’s so instantly likeable, which is what I want to receive from the Doctor – something I didn’t always get from Peter Capladi.

I’m thankful I’ve been able to rewatch each episode of ‘Flux’ in consecutive weeks, particularly for the finale when it came to rewatching the first five episodes before Chapter Six in December 2021. I have gained more clarity regarding what’s been going on in the story by rewatching the episodes. 🙂

‘The Halloween Apocalypse’ was quite a mind-boggler of an episode to watch, but it was a good start to the season, especially with its cliffhanger. ‘War of the Sontarans’ is a better instalment, especially in featuring the potato heads in the Crimean War and the Doctor meeting Mary Seacole. 🙂

‘Once, Upon Time’ is the weakest instalment in the six-part story. ‘Village of the Angels’ showcased the Weeping Angels at their best, especially with the dramatic cliffhanger. And both ‘Survivors of the Flux’ and ‘The Vanquishers’ served as very compelling instalments to draw the season to a close.

I can’t say ‘Flux’/Series 13 of ‘Doctor Who’ is better than Series 11 and 12, but it has been an enjoyable season throughout. I commend Chris Chibnall and his production team for putting together this season under unusual conditions and the performances of the cast are pretty excellent.

I’m currently looking forward to checking out ‘Eve of the Daleks’ in the New Year as well as the other two 2022 Specials depicting the closure of the Thirteenth Doctor era. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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