Merry Christmas From ‘Bradley’s Basement’ 2021

Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

Wherever you are in the world, I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and I pray that you’re keeping safe during these turbulent times. Happy Christmas to those who’ve followed my blog these past six years as well as to those who’ve just come here on a whim! I hope you’re enjoying yourself today. 🙂

In my latest Christmas photo, I’m wearing my blue Christmas pullover, which you may have seen in the Christmas post for 2019. Santa Cuddles is back and he’s joined me in this photo, as we stand in front of the Christmas tree at the St. David’s Shopping Centre in Cardiff. It’s a good Christmas tree. 🙂

As we spend time with our families and loved ones this Christmas season, let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas, as Jesus was born in Bethlehem many years ago to die on the cross to save us from our sins at Easter. Find out more about ‘The Nativity Story’ in my DVD review on the 2006 film.

I hope to share what I’ve had in terms of Christmas presents sometime next week towards the end of 2021 and beyond. Last night, I attended a midnight Christmas Eve service at a local church. I hope you’ve been enjoying the Christmas festivities, despite restrictions being placed on us during the pandemic.

By the time you read this, I’ve also seen the 2021 Christmas Special of the new ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ series shown on Channel 5 last night. I hope to share my thoughts on the Christmas Special sometime very soon. Meanwhile, there are other things to look forward to on Christmas Day.

Later today, I’ll be sharing something Sarah Sutton-related to celebrate Christmas. This is before I share my upcoming ‘Nyssa Challenge’ mini-review season from 2021 to 2022, starting tomorrow. I hope Sarah Sutton and her family are enjoying Christmas as well as many others around the world. 🙂

I’m also looking forward to seeing the 2021 Christmas Special of ‘Call the Midwife’ today, which will be shown on BBC One at 8:00pm. I also hope to see ‘The Larkins at Christmas’ special sometime after that, if not on ITV One, then hopefully when it becomes available on Britbox sometime soon! 🙂

I’m currently looking forward to ‘Eve of the Daleks’, the next ‘Doctor Who’ New Year’s Day Special, starring Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill and John Bishop, which will be shown on New Year’s Day in 2022. It looks to be exciting, especially with Daleks, Aisling Bea and Adjani Salmon appearing in it. 😀

Meanwhile, there are ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Specials by me to enjoy, like ‘The Ghost of Leckwick’, ‘The Pantomime of Death’ and ‘Cuddles’ from the ‘Merry Christmas From The Doctor, Nyssa and Billy’ anthology. There’s also the six-part Short Trip called ‘The Five Doctors at Christmas’ to enjoy. 🙂

Stay tuned for more surprises along the way this Christmas Day. I hope you’ll enjoy Christmas, as it’s a nice time to forget about the real world for a bit. I leave you now with a version of the Nativity story told by the ‘Rainbow’ team. I reviewed a ‘Rainbow’ DVD for Christmas 2020, didn’t you know?


Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From ‘Bradley’s Basement’ 2021

  1. Williams Fan 92

    Merry Christmas Tim.

    I hope you enjoyed last night’s church service. I also hope you got many Christmas presents. I received quite a few. Some where ‘Doctor Who’ related such as:
    The Official 2022 ‘Doctor Who’ Calendar
    ‘Doctor Who and the Keeper of Traken’ audiobook
    The Essential Terrance Dicks Volume 2

    I also received the second series of the new ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ series on DVD (the Christmas special last night was good), ‘Only Fools and Horses’ the 80’s specials on Blu-Ray and the first 8 series of Red Dwarf on Blu-Ray. I even got some chocolates, socks and deodorant.

    I’m looking forward to the ‘Nyssa Challenge’ this year. It will be good to comment on your reviews of ‘The Lost Resort and Other Stories’ and ‘Time-Flight’. Will the updated reviews you mentioned be of ‘Psychodrome’; and ‘Iterations of I’?

    Here’s to 2022!

    Merry Christmas, WF92.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Merry Christmas WF92,

      Hope you’ve enjoyed today so far. I did enjoy the church service last night. I attended a morning service today as I did a reading from Luke’s gospel. I’ve had quite a good number of presents this year. Hope to share reviews on some of them soon. Thanks for sharing what you’ve had for Christmas this year, especially the ‘All Creatures’ Series 2 DVD and ‘The Keeper of Traken’ audiobook.

      Glad you’re looking forward to ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ mini-review season. I look forward to your thoughts on ‘Time-Flight’ and ‘The Lost Resort and Other Stories’. Sadly there’s no updated reviews on ‘Psychodrome’ and ‘Iterations of I’ this year. Hopefully I’ll do updated reviews on those stories sometime in the future.

      I’ve prepared my review on the latest ‘All Creatures’ Christmas Special for tomorrow. Now off to check out ‘Call the Midwife’ and ‘The Larkins’ Christmas Specials.

      Many thanks.

      Enjoy the rest of the day!

      Tim 🙂

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