TV Review – ‘The Larkins at Christmas’

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I was lucky in being able to see ‘The Larkins at Christmas’ on Christmas Day itself! 🙂 I was afraid I might miss it, as it clashed with the timing for the 2021 Christmas Special of ‘Call the Midwife’ on BBC One. Thankfully I was pretty lucky to see ‘The Larkins at Christmas’ on a repeat channel for ITV1.

Earlier this month, my parents and I saw ‘The Larkins’ TV series on Britbox. This was so we’d be able to watch ‘The Larkins at Christmas’, knowing who the characters are and what the TV series is about. The result is a very cheerful and very jolly Christmas Special featuring ‘The Larkins’ characters.

In the special, Sabrina Bartlett as Mariette returns home to her family, to which Bradley Walsh as Pop and Joanna Scanlan as Ma are absolutely delighted about. Tok Stephen as ‘Charley’ has also returned with Mariette. It’s suggested that Charley’s parents come and meet the Larkins for Christmas. 😐

Things don’t go according to plan, especially when Charley’s parents aren’t approving of their son being with a girl in the countryside and abandoning his tax job for it. Pop Larkin also investigates the mysterious burglaries occurring in Littlechurch village. Will he able to find the culprit without a mishap?

It was lovely to see the cast featured in this ‘Larkins’ Christmas Special and to be actually watching ‘The Larkins’ on TV for Christmas Day as opposed to watching the series on Britbox. Bradley Walsh continues to be excellent in leading the cast alongside Joanna Scanlan playing his wife in the special.

There’s a Nativity play performed in the special, though it’s crossed with a pantomime. So a…’nativi-omime’, I think it’s called in the special? I’m not sure how that would work, but it’s amusing how the special tackles that. It’s not something everybody entirely approves of when they attend the play. 😀

As well as Bradley Walsh, Joanna Scanlan, Sabrina Bartlett and Tok Stephen, the special also features Davina Coleman as Zinnia Larkin, Rosie Coleman as Petunla Larkin, Liam Middleton as Montgomery Larkin, Lydia Page as Primrose Larkin, and Lola Shepelev as Victoria Larkin. All are very good Larkins!

There’s also Robert Bathurst as Johnny Delamere. I find it very funny when he takes part in the ‘nativity-pantomime’ and has moments of vain in terms of his acting prowess. 😀 There’s also Ameila Bullmore as Miss Edith Pilchester and Peter Davison as the still ever grumpy but very hilarious Vicar.

You know, I am curious what Peter Davison’s Vicar in ‘The Larkins’ gets up to in the village and how he became a vicar in the first place. I mean, he’s clearly not a good example to the community. I know he doesn’t care, but surely he must have some ground to make people like him in the series. 😐

The same goes for Tony Gardner as Alec Norman and Selina Griffiths as his wife Norma, who are just awful. Not the actors, I mean the characters. Their characters are awful! Can they get any nastier than they already are? Why do the Normans and the Vicar have to be such very awful, awful people?

There’s Kriss Dosanjh as the Brigadier (no, not ‘Doctor Who’s Brigadier 😀 ), Seeta Indrani as Miss Chand (who could just be as awful as the Normans and the Vicar) and Natalie Mitson as Pauline. There’s also Patrice Nalambana and Yetunde Oduwole as Mr. and Mrs. Charlton, Charley’s parents. 🙂

Barney Walsh appears in the special as PC Harness. And yes, I just realised Barney Walsh is Bradley Walsh’s son. PC Harness isn’t a very good police constable, mind. He’s distracted when romantically interested in Pauline. There’s also Victoria Wicks as Mrs. Fothergill, Francesca Wilson Waterworth as Libby Fothergill and Zak Douglas as Dudley. I’m sure I’ve missed someone out, but everybody’s good.

The special ends with Mariette and Charley announcing their engagement to be married. Interestingly, Mariette asked Charley to marry her rather than the other way around. Hopefully should a Series 2 of ‘The Larkins’ get commissioned, we’ll see more of Mariette and Charley’s future.

‘The Larkins at Christmas’ has been great to watch. I’m pleased I was able to see this on TV on Christmas Day as opposed to Britbox. I’m sure I would have enjoyed it either way, but it’s nice to see how ‘The Larkins’ celebrated Christmas and the special is full of laughs and good character drama. 🙂

Well done to all involved in the special! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂


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