Quick Disney Review – ‘Far From The Tree’

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After checking out ‘Encanto’ on Disney+, I decided to check out the short film called ‘Far From The Tree’, which accompanied ‘Encanto’. I assume ‘Far From The Tree’ was shown before ‘Encanto’ was shown at cinemas back in November. I found this a very decent 2D animated CGI short film to watch.

In the film, a mother raccoon and her young offspring visit an idyllic beach in the Pacific Northwest. But when curiosity gets the better of the young raccoon, the mother becomes frustrated as she tries to keep them both safe from the dangers lurking about in every corner of the beach they’re visiting.

I assume the young raccoon is female too, since we get to see her be a mother years later and she’s in a similar situation with protecting her young offspring from danger when visiting the beach. Unlike before, the young racoon who becomes a parent has an open heart when she looks after her child. 🙂

It was intriguing to see the differences in two acts of the story. In the first act, the mother is stricter in looking after her child compared to the second act of the mother being open and understanding towards her child. It’s a nice piece of symmetry, which I think is well-executed in watching the film. 🙂

‘Far From The Tree’ is a nice short film to see, whether you watch it before or after ‘Encanto’. I like how the themes of parenthood resonate in the film and it’s a very nice contrast to see the young racoon with her mother, before she becomes a parent to her own child and how she handles things.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂


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