Quick DVD Review – ‘Lockdown: The Doctor Who Fans’ Survival Guide’

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Here’s another Christmas present I had in 2021. 2020 was not a happy year. Many of us were thrown into a global pandemic and we still have to abide by government guidelines to protect ourselves from Covid-19 – please keep safe. But we did a lot to keep ourselves sane and occupied. 🙂

Whilst we had to stay at home because of lockdown, we had to find new ways of keeping ourselves busy and entertained. For me, I had my ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog to keep myself busy and I shared plenty of reviews on films, TV shows and ‘Doctor Who’ stories while the pandemic was happening. 🙂

So, it’s fitting that Reeltime Pictures (the makers of many ‘Myth Makers’ interviews with the ‘Doctor Who’ stars) produced a film about ‘Doctor Who’ fans showing how they coped with the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. I enjoyed the ‘Lockdown’ survival guide for ‘Doctor Who’ fans, as it’s mesmerising.

The film is presented by Sophie Aldred, who is well-known for playing Ace in ‘Doctor Who’. I’ve met Sophie at a number of conventions over the years and it’s nice to see her presenting this ‘Lockdown’ documentary. She also happens to be a great friend of Reeltime Pictures producer Keith Barnfather.

In the film, Sophie is at the Museum of Classic Sci-Fi in Allendale, Northumberland, owned by Neil Cole. Throughout the film, she presents how ‘Doctor Who’ fans coped with the Covid-19 pandemic. The film shares many clips of ‘Doctor Who’ fans showing what they got up to during the lockdown. 🙂

It was amazing to see how many fans sent their videos to Reeltime Pictures for this ‘Lockdown’ documentary. Many videos are from many quarters of the world, including the UK, the USA, Germany and Hong Kong. There are also lots of videos of ‘Doctor Who’ fans cosplaying their Doctors.

Some were dressed up as Tom Baker, some were dressed up as Patrick Troughton, some were dressed up as Jodie Whittaker; and some were dressed up as companions like Susan, Nyssa and Ace. There were also ‘Doctor Who’ fans that cosplayed as the Master, which was amusing and fun to see.

It was also fun to see how some ‘Doctor Who’ fans organised their memorabilia, including building their own TARDISes to fit in all their ‘Doctor Who’ DVDs and Blu-rays as well as their books, Big Finish audios and toys. I’ve got ‘Doctor Who’ memorabilia and I still need to sort it all out in my bedroom. 😀

Some ‘Doctor Who’ fans were creative during the lockdown period in terms of art, music, performing sketches and making animation films. Someone drew a picture of the Seventh Doctor in hospital and Ace as his nurse. Someone read the ‘Doctor Who’/’Mr. Men’ book ‘Dr. Thirteenth’ on her video. 🙂

There was a little sketch performed between Louise Jameson (Leela), Mina Anwar (Gita from ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’) and Sam Barnard, via a Zoom call, made to raise funds and awareness for the Down’s Syndrome Association. It was nice to see and intriguing they made that during lockdown.

A lot of ‘Doctor Who’ fans, including me, watched our favourite ‘Doctor Who’ stories on DVD and Blu-ray during lockdown. It was interesting to see those ‘Doctor Who’ fans doing that in whatever manner they preferred. A couple of ‘Doctor Who’ fans had a drinking game as they watched the episode ‘Rose’. 😀

It was nice to see the Behind the Scenes feature on the DVD and how Sophie Aldred was filmed by producer Keith Barnfather when on location at Neil Cole’s museum in Allendale. They filmed those sections in May 2021. Sometimes, Sophie wore a facemask when not speaking into a microphone. 🙂

‘Lockdown: The Doctor Who Fans’ Survival Guide’ is nice to see and check out. It certainly helps for ‘Doctor Who’ fans that may still be suffering and working out how to cope during the pandemic. By the time you read this review, hopefully the pandemic will be over and this will be a nostalgic item. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂


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