DVD review – ‘Dark Season’

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With Russell T. Davies due to return to ‘Doctor Who’ as showrunner for the 60th anniversary and the Fourteenth Doctor era, it’s only fair that I check out some of his other work in preparation for his return. This includes checking out the upcoming ‘Doctor Who’ audio story ‘Mind of the Hodiac’ and RTD’s first BBC sci-fi drama for children’s TV called ‘Dark Season’.

I’ll be checking out the Big Finish audiobook of the ‘Dark Season’ BBC novelization read by Victoria Lambert sometime soon. But first, let me share with you my thoughts on the 1991 TV serial by RTD itself. It stars Victoria Lambert herself, Brigit Forsyth, Jacqueline Pearce and a young Kate Winslet in her first ever TV role before she did 1995’s ‘Sense & Sensibility’ and 1997’s ‘Titanic’.

I’ve added this review to the sci-fi page on ‘Bradley’s Basement’. Please feel free to check out, read and comment on my new DVD review for ‘Dark Season’ by clicking the link for it.


Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂


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