DVD review – ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’

(to ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’) “How can you live with yourself?

How do you expect people to like you? After four attempts to make a live-action film version of ‘Transformers’, you mess the whole thing up to ludicrous insanity! The creative choices put into you are astonishing to behold! Can this hollow film series get any lazier and stupider as the years go on?

If it wasn’t for my good nature and patience to judge things on their merits as well as their faults, I would rip out your insides…”

Cuddles: “Master!”

“…and smash your head in…”

Cuddles: “MASTER!!!”

Tim looks at Cuddles.

Cuddles: “You need to have happy thoughts and think of when you’re going to see Sarah Sutton next at a convention, okay?”

(calms down) “Thank you, Cuddles.”

Cuddles: “No problem! I’ll wait upstairs until you’re ready to take me to another convention where Sarah Sutton will be there.”

Cuddles walks off.

(to audience) “Yep. No doubt about it. This is the worst one!

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