Basement News – March 2022

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

It’s time for another ‘Basement News’ blog post to share in 2022. I’m currently waiting to hear news that Sarah Sutton (my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ companion) is going to attend another convention this year. So far, there’s no news yet. Hopefully, I will get to see Sarah sometime later in the year. She might do a convention in the summer. Incidentally, I’ve shared my latest ‘convention memories’ blog post on the ‘Cardiff Film and Comic Con’ in March 2014. 🙂

Recently, I attended the 2022 ‘London Comic Con Spring’ in February where I got to meet and have photos with Jodie Whittaker (the Thirteenth Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’) and Mandip Gill (Yaz). I also saw guests like Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Richard E. Grant and Bhavnisha Parmer at th event. I also enjoyed visiting ‘The London Dungeon’ and ‘Madame Tussauds’ in London lately.

Anyway, let me share with you more on what’s been happening to me in February as well as what will be on my blog in March and beyond. I hope to share a brand-new review on the six-part ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘Flux’ (Series 13) with Jodie Whittaker. I also hope to review ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ with Robert Powell in time for Easter. And I hope to review the ‘Dark Shadows’ BBC novelization/Big Finish audiobook, read by Victoria Lambert.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my updated reviews on the six stories featured in Season 17 of ‘Doctor Who’ starring Tom Baker, Lalla Ward and K-9, based on the latest Blu-ray box set release. This will include reviews on the stories ‘Destiny of the Daleks’, ‘City of Death’, ‘The Creature From The Pit’, ‘Nightmare of Eden’, ‘The Horns of Nimon’ and ‘Shada’.

In terms of Big Finish audios of ‘Doctor Who’, I’ve listened to ‘The Dalek Protocol’ with Tom Baker, Louise Jameson and K-9 as well as the first ‘Dalek Universe’ box set with David Tennant, Jane Slavin and Joe Sims. I’ve also created a new ‘Doctor Who’ timeline for Mark Seven. I hope to listen to more ‘Dalek Universe’ audios with David Tennant this month before I get onto ‘The Ninth Doctor Adventures’ with Christopher Eccleston.

The Divergent Wordsmiths have released their latest ‘Doctor Who’ anthology called ‘The Paul Spragg ReCollections, Volume 2′. I’ve had two stories published in the anthology, including ‘The Regeneration Dilemma’ and ‘Girl Out of Nowhere’, both featuring the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa. I hope to work with the Divergent Wordsmiths again soon. I’ve scheduled my upcoming Short Trip called ‘The Two Sarah Janes’ with the Fourth Doctor, James Darby and Sarah Jane Smith for April and I’m hoping to upload the next Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Billy story called ‘Return to Christmas’ to my blog pretty soon.


In terms of films on Disney+, my parents and I’ve seen ‘Tom and Huck’, ‘Bedknobs and Broomsticks’, ‘The Finest Hours’ and ‘Anna and the King’. I’m hoping to share my review on ‘The Marine’ with John Cena soon. I also hope to see films at the cinema like the latest ‘Death on the Nile’ film, ‘Uncharted’ and ‘The Batman’.

I’ve completed my ‘Transformers Film Review Season’ by reviewing ‘Dark of the Moon’, ‘Age of Extinction’, ‘The Last Knight’ and ‘Bumblebee’. ‘Bumblebee’ is of course the best film out of the six films made so far in the ‘Transformers’ live-action film series. The next set of film reviews are bound to be gentler compared to the ‘Transformers’ films, starting off with ‘Pigskin Parade’ starring Judy Garland. 🙂

I’ve finished watching Season 1 of ‘Superman & Lois’ on BBC iPlayer and have enjoyed Series 11 of ‘Call the Midwife’. I’ve also enjoyed Series 5 of ‘Downton Abbey’ on Blu-ray. I’m two episodes away from finishing the first two seasons of ‘The Orville’ on Disney+ and I hope to check out more of ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ as well as Season 2 of ‘Alex Rider’ and Season 2 of ‘Star Trek: Picard’. I also hope to make a start on reviewing ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ soon as well as the trilogy of ‘Star Trek: Prometheus’ novels with their Big Finish audiobook readings.

In terms of the real world, things seem to be promising on the lifting of Covid-19 pandemic restrictions in the UK. Hopefully this is the same for other parts of the world. I hope this will continue to be an improving situation for the rest of 2022. I’m saddened there are still major problems in the world like wars going on and such, but I’m hoping my blog will continue to keep you entertained despite all the miseries going on. I try to remain positive in a damaged world as ours.

In the meantime, please continue to keep safe!

Thanks for reading and many thanks for continuing to support my blog!

Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂


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