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John Cena has done quite a bit in terms of being an actor. He’s been in ‘Bumblebee’ and 2021’s ‘The Suicide Squad’. It’s amazing he’s done quite a bit of acting lately as well as being a professional wrestler. Same for Dwayne Johnson, I guess. 🙂 Lately, I saw ‘The Marine’ with John Cena on Disney+.

I greatly enjoyed ‘The Marine’! The first time I saw it was when my best mate from school Stephen showed it to me on DVD. It was great to revisit the film on Disney+. ‘The Marine’ is one of those ‘so bad, it’s good’ films where you like it or you don’t, especially as it received negative reviews in 2006.

I personally like the film. Even though it’s ridiculous in places, especially with some of the hammy acting and over-the-top explosions (Seriously, John Cena couldn’t have survived them), there is a certain charm to ‘The Marine’ that I find irresistible. The film itself also happens to be a fun wild ride.

Apparently, the film was released by WWE Studios, a division of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as well as 20th Century Fox. The film was also John Cena’s acting debut. Who would’ve thought it? 😀 This film also happens to be the first of six ‘Marine’ films in its series. Yes, seriously! 😀

I’m astounded there were five more films made after ‘The Marine’ was released in 2006. And they don’t feature John Cena in them! I wonder how they could keep ‘The Marine’ film series going without having John Cena in them! Anyway, I’m not looking at the sequels. I’m focusing on this film.

The film has John Cena playing John Triton, a marine who gets discharged from a mission in Iraq and he reunites with Kelly Carlson as his gorgeous wife Kate in South Carolina. So, this film should be called ‘The Ex-Marine’ instead of ‘The Marine’. John Triton’s settling into normal life doesn’t work. 😐

This is especially when he gets fired on his first day at work. On a trip out with his wife, a group of diamond thieves that are on the run kidnap Kate and John Triton chases after them to retrieve her. Most of the film is about John chasing after the group of diamond thieves in order to rescue his wife.

I don’t know about you, but I’d feel jealous about John Triton having a ‘hot’ sexy wife as Kate in the movie. This is especially when she’s very understanding and loves her husband a lot, despite the peril she gets caught in. Maybe I should work out more in order to attract the attention of a woman. 😀

Robert Patrick stars as Rome, the gang leader and the film’s villain. I’ve seen Robert Patrick in the first ‘Spy Kids’ film. You may know him well for being in ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’. They even throw in a ‘Terminator’ joke in the film for the sake of it. Robert Patrick clearly enjoyed himself here.

One of the diamond thieves in Rome’s gang is Anthony Ray Parker as Morgan. I love this character, especially when he gets to be so mopey and he feels he gets the blame for everything since he’s ‘the black man’. 😀 He also doesn’t like cops and rock candy! Some of his dialogue is hilarious to listen to.

There’s also Abigail Bianca as Angela, one of Rome’s crew and his lover in the film that often has cat-fights with Kate Triton. The rest of Rome’s gang include Damon Gibson as Vescera and Manu Bennett as…Bennett. There’s also Jerome Ehlers as Detective Van Buren, who has a twist in the film. 🙂

The cast also includes Drew Powell as Joe Linwood, Firass Dirani as a rebel leader, Frank Carlopio as…Frank, Jeff Chase as Billy and Jamal Duff as Paul. The film does end rather abruptly with the end credits showing up after John Triton saved his wife. I’m sure an epilogue wouldn’t have hurt much. 😐

Whether you like it or not, for me, ‘The Marine’ is a guilty pleasure for me. I laughed at the ridiculous amounts of over-the-top explosions featured in the film and how John Cena managed to survive each time. Despite that, I found this film really entertaining, charming and worthy of my time here. 🙂

I highly recommend checking out this fun-filled action-packed flick, whether it’d be on DVD, Blu-ray or Disney+.

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