Movie Review – ‘Flight of the Phoenix’

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It’s time to talk about another film I saw on Disney+ recently. This is ‘Flight of the Phoenix’, a 2004 film about a group of people who survive an aircraft crash in the Gobi Desert. This film is actually a remake of the 1965 film of the same name (sort-of, as it’s called ‘The Flight of the Phoenix’ instead).

That film starred James Stewart. I assumed I’d seen that film already before this one, but I think it’s a different film with a different title involving James Stewart and an aeroplane (can’t think what it’s called at the moment). Watching 2004’s ‘Flight of the Phoenix’ did put me in mind of the film ‘Alive’.

‘Alive’ is a 1993 film about a real-life incident involving a plane crash in the Andes mountains in 1972. This film is different, as it takes place in the hot sandstorm-swept Gobi desert instead of the snowy Andes mountains. And it’s based upon a 1964 book by Elleston Trevor, which I haven’t read.

The film has the group of survivors from the plane crash building a new aircraft out of the old one in order to escape and return home. I enjoyed the film when I watched it. There is occasional swearing throughout the film that put me off, but I was able to get gripped by what was going on throughout.

It’s interesting to talk about this film. Apparently it was a box office failure at the time of its release and it received generally mixed reviews. The criticism was geared towards the 2004 film’s similarity to the 1965 film. I can’t make a judgement on that having not seen the 1965 film, but it’s fascinating.

Praise was given to the acting, direction and visuals featured in this film. This I agree with, since the performances of the cast are very good and the film seems well-put together in terms of direction and visual effects. I can’t say it’s a film I would see again and again, but I’m glad that I saw it recently.

The film’s cast includes Dennis Quaid as Captain Franklin ‘Frank’ Towns. I’ve seen Dennis Quaid in ‘Vantage Point’ and he was also in the two dog films ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ and ‘A Dog’s Journey’. I enjoyed him playing ‘Frank’ Towns who had to make decisions once his plane crashed into the desert.

There’s Giovanni Ribisi as Elliot, who comes up with the idea for building a new plane out of the old one. Initially, I thought Elliot was the quiet sort who only made his potential known when things became desperate. It was disturbing when he shot someone and considering only himself important.

Tyrese Gibson stars as A.J., Towns’ right-hand man in the film. I’ve seen Tyrese Gibson in the first three ‘Transformers’ films directed by Michael Bay. His appearance in this film is better compared to the character he played in the ‘Transformers’ films. I’m looking forward to seeing him in ‘Morbius’. 🙂

Miranda Otto stars as Kelly Johnson, the only woman among the group of survivors from the plane crash. Miranda Otto is well-known for playing Éowyn in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ film trilogy. I’ve also seen her in 2005’s ‘War of the Worlds’ with Tom Cruise. It was nice to see her appear in this particular film.

Hugh Laurie stars as Ian in the film. I enjoyed seeing Hugh Laurie in the film, as he played Bertie Wooster in ‘Jeeves & Wooster’ among other film and TV credits over the years. It was interesting to see his character develop from being a mean-spirited person to becoming friendlier later in the film.

There’s Tony Curran (Vincent van Gogh in the ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘Vincent and the Doctor’) as Alex Rodney in this. There’s also Scott Michael Campbell as James Liddle, Sticky Fingaz as Jeremy, Jacob Vargas as Sammi, Kevork Malikyan as Rady, Jared Padalecki as John Davis, Paul Ditchfield as Dr. Gerber, Martin Hindy as Newman, Bob Brown as Kyle and Anthony Wong as a the lead smuggler.

Apparently there was a Johnny Cash song sung during the film’s opening credits. 😀 All in all, 2004’s ‘Flight of the Phoenix’ has been enjoyable to watch. I wouldn’t say this is a must-see again film, but I’m glad I’ve seen it, especially with Dennis Quaid, Tyrese Gibson, Miranda Otto and Hugh Laurie in it.

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Bye for now!

Tim. 🙂

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