Movie Review – ‘The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild’

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It’s been a while since I reviewed ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’. 😀 As of 2022, I’ve seen all of the ‘Ice Age’ movies that have been made in the series. The first ‘Ice Age’ movie was released at cinemas in 2002. I enjoyed watching that film when I saw it at the cinema, finding it a very entertaining CGI flick.

Since then, I saw ‘Ice Age: The Meltdown’ in 2006 and ‘Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs’ in 2009 at cinemas. I didn’t see ‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ on the big screen, as I later saw it on DVD for Christmas 2012. I did grow out of the ‘Ice Age’ film series by that point, as I thought it run its course.

I gave the film series another chance by checking out ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ at the cinema in 2016. I don’t recall ‘Collision Course’ being a great movie and it’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but it was entertaining enough. Someday, I must get around to reviewing the ‘Ice Age’ films in full detail.

I also hope to check out the TV specials ‘A Mammoth Christmas’ and ‘The Great Egg-Scapade’. ‘The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild’ is the sixth instalment in the ‘Ice Age’ film series. It was released exclusively on Disney+ as opposed to being released at cinemas. It clearly shows in the presentation.

I admit, ‘The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild’ isn’t as bad as ‘Collision Course’. The film’s narrative is clearer and less bonkers compared to what ‘Collision Course’ became. But there are pretty major issues concerning the release of ‘The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild’ as an original Disney+ film. 😐

First of all, the film was produced by Walt Disney Pictures instead of 20th Century Fox (or 20th Century Studios as it’s now called). How come this is a Disney film as opposed to the ‘Ice Age’ films being Fox films? 😦 At least ‘Home Sweet Home Alone’ was released by 20th Century Studios in 2021.

The film doesn’t feature the original voice cast from the previous ‘Ice Age’ films. Apart from Simon Pegg as Buck, the rest of the ‘Ice Age’ cast are voiced by new people. Manfred is voiced by Sean Kenin Elias-Reyes instead of Ray Romano, and Sid is voiced by Jake Green instead of John Leguizamo.

Diego is voiced by Skyler Stone instead of Denis Leary, and Ellie is voiced by Dominique Jennings instead of Queen Latifah. Crash and Eddie are voiced by Vincent Tong and Aaron Harris instead of Seann William Scott and Josh Peck. Admittedly, the new voice cast does a pretty decent job in the film.

They do their best with matching their voices for their characters to the voices of the original cast. But it baffles me as to why the filmmakers would recast the ‘Ice Age’ characters apart from Buck and not bring back the original voice actors. Surely the original voice actors own the ‘Ice Age’ characters.

A thing that bothered me about this film is that Manny and Ellie’s daughter Peaches doesn’t get mentioned. I mean, we can speculate that Peaches and her husband Julian have gone off to have their own family, but it would have been nice to hear from Manny and Ellie on how their daughter is. 😦

Did the film series forget Manny and Ellie had a daughter? Not that her character growth has been in the greatest in this film series in my humble opinion. Also, what happened to Diego’s girlfriend Shira? Did she break up from him? Weren’t they married and about to start a family in the last film?

It’s also annoying that Blue Sky Studios isn’t involved with this film, due to being closed down in 2021. You can tell the animation featured in this film is not of top quality. It’s also annoying that Scrat the sabre-toothed squirrel isn’t in the movie. He’s like a highlight in these ‘Ice Age’ films, right?

The film focuses on Crash and Eddie, the two possum brothers, wanting to have adventures with Buck Wild in the dinosaur world underground – or as it’s called…’the Lost Word’. I must admit, Crash and Eddie aren’t really my favourite characters in the ‘Ice Age’ series and it’s hard to tell them apart.

I mean, if one of them was different from the other and if they had character growth, that’d be fine. But they remain being stupid and childish possum brothers and they haven’t changed at all since their debut in ‘The Meltdown’. I can’t say ‘The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild’ does them any favours. 😦

The film also features Orson, a villainous protoceratops with a bulging brain, voiced by Utkarsh Ambudkar, who wants to take control of the Lost World. There’s also Zee, a zorilla who was a former member of Buck’s ‘superhero’ team and Buck’s possible love interest, voiced by Justina Machado. 😀

‘The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild’ isn’t a great ‘Ice Age’ movie in the film. This is a shame, as it could’ve worked had the original voice cast been brought back to the voice their characters. Also, Scrat should’ve appeared! What happened to him? He can’t be dead! What happened to his acorn?

I know there’s supposed to be a seventh film on its way, but this can’t be the direction the ‘Ice Age’ films are going if they’re going to be lazily put-together like this, especially for Disney+. I found the film entertaining enough and it’s okay to waste 82 minutes, but this isn’t one of the greatest of films.

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Tim. 🙂

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