TV Series Review – ‘Grantchester’ (Series 7)


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For the past six weeks, my parents and I have enjoyed Series 7 of ‘Grantchester’ on Britbox! 🙂 I’m glad we were able to see these episodes after they were transmitted on ITV1 on Fridays. My parents and I checked out the six episodes on Britbox on a Saturday and a Sunday for the past six weekends.

It’s amazing that Series 7 of ‘Grantchester’ came out sooner than expected in 2022 from March to April. Series 6 was shown from September to October in 2021. Series 7 also contains six episodes as opposed to eight episodes in Series 6. I assumed Series 7 would’ve kept to the eight episode count. 😦

Series 7 of ‘Grantchester’ features the return of Robson Green as the police detective Geordie Keating and Tom Brittney as the vicar Will Davenport. There’s also Al Weaver as Leonard Finch, Tessa Peake-Jones as Mrs. Chapman, Kacey Ainsworth as Cathy Keating and Oliver Dimsdale as Daniel Marlowe.

There’s also Nick Brimble as Jack Chapman, Bradley Hall as Larry Peters and Melissa Johns as Miss Scott. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed the six episodes of Series 7. With that said, I can’t say it’s been a very satisfying season. Most of the episodes have been mixed at best in terms of their storytelling.

Series 7 continues where we left off from the end of Series 6, as Geordie tries to get back with his wife Cathy, but with very little success. It takes a while for Cathy to forgive Geordie and bring him back into her life, but thankfully, it’s done in Series 7’s fifth episode as opposed to the sixth episode.

Will also has an interesting love life in Series 7, as he falls for Ellora Torchia as Maya who’s engaged to be married to Michael D. Xavier as DCI Elliot Wallace, Geordie’s new boss at the police station. Will struggles to find stability in his love life, especially as he’s torn between duty and loving Maya. 😐

My mixed feelings for Series 7 come from Will’s inconsistent character development as a vicar, as one minute he’s refusing to have sex with someone to ending up having sex with Maya. This isn’t really the ideal role model I’d like to see in a vicar like Will. Then again, Sidney wasn’t perfect either.

Thankfully, Will finds love in the end when he meets Charlotte Ritchie as Bonnie, Cathy Keating’s niece. It was nice to see Charlotte Ritchie in Series 7 of ‘Grantchester’, as she played Barbara from Series 4 to 7 of ‘Call the Midwife’. She was also in the ‘Doctor Who’ adventure called ‘Resolution’. 🙂

I like how Series 7 ends with Will and Bonnie getting married, although I probably would’ve saved the wedding for Series 8. It looks like Charlotte Ritche has become a new regular in ‘Grantchester’. I just hope her character won’t have the same fate like Barbara did in Series 7 of ‘Call the Midwife’. 😀

After all, Barbara married a vicar in that series. Bonnie’s doing the same thing in ‘Grantchester’. I hope Will and Bonnie don’t get divorced should a Series 7 of ‘Grantchester’ happen. 😀 It was nice to see Jemma Redgrave as Will’s mum in the Series 7 finale as well as the husband and Will’s stepsister.

There’s also a storyline involving Mrs. C getting cancer, which was a shock to uncover in Series 7, and her faith in God gets tested. Thankfully, Leonard is there to support Mrs. C during Series 7 and she gets through her cancer. I liked it when Mrs. C’s faith gets restored as she prayed for Will in hospital.

It was interesting to see Leonard run a café after what happened to him in Series 6 of ‘Grantchester’. The murder mysteries were pretty good in Series 7, especially in the final episode where Will confronted the actual murderer of some street vagrants and he was at death’s point in the vicarage.

Series 7 of ‘Grantchester’ has been an enjoyable season overall. It’s not a great season, but the season finale with the happy ending made up for it. I expected Will to get killed in the final episode and not have the happy ending with Bonnie. I’m hoping for good things to happen in Series 8 next. 🙂

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Tim 🙂

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