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(sighs) Well, this was disappointing. ‘Lightyear’, the latest spin-off film from the ‘Toy Story’ film series featuring Buzz Lightyear as the main character. Except it’s not Tim Allen who’s voicing Buzz Lightyear. It’s Chris Evans (who’s best well-known for playing Captain America in the ‘MCU’) instead.

Now before I criticise the film any further, I want to point out that Chris Evans isn’t a bad choice to play Buzz Lightyear. Honestly, I like how he recreates what Tim Allen did with Buzz in the ‘Toy Story’ films, even down to quoting familiar lines of dialogue we’ve heard Buzz say in those particular films.

If this was a live-action film, I would be on board for Chris Evans to play Buzz in ‘Lightyear’. But it’s not a live-action film. This is another animated Disney/Pixar film being churned out for us to watch. Buzz doesn’t even look like the Buzz I know from watching the ‘Toy Story’ films. Why look different?

At the beginning of ‘Lightyear’, a text caption says that this film was the favourite of young Andy who received the Buzz Lightyear toy in the first ‘Toy Story’ film in 1995, and that ‘Lightyear’ is based upon that toy. Well, I find that to be a lie, since this is not the Buzz Lightyear I remember from 1995.

And look, I’m sure there are people out there so far who’ve enjoyed this movie and I appreciate that. But I grew up with Buzz Lightyear and ‘Toy Story’ as a kid. I have my own perception on how Buzz Lightyear should be. There was even an animated movie and a follow-up TV series based upon Buzz.

That movie was called ‘Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins’ and the TV series was called ‘Buzz  Lightyear of Star Command’. Tim Allen voiced Buzz in the film whilst Patrick Warburton voiced Buzz in the TV series. I find those versions to be way better than the ‘Lightyear’ film.

The biggest issue I have with ‘Lightyear’ is how the film changed things to what was already established with Buzz. The glaring one of course is that the evil Emperor Zurg isn’t Buzz’s father as we were led to believe in ‘Toy Story 2’. He’s actually an older Buzz from the future! I don’t…WHAT?!!

Why have Zurg not be Buzz’s father at all and make him Buzz from the future instead? I know the “No, Buzz. I am your father!” joke was from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ with Darth Vader revealing he’s Luke Skywalker’s father, but I’m sure it’s a joke that’s funny to ‘Star Wars’ and non-‘Star Wars’ fans.

In ‘Lightyear’, they made a joke about Buzz seeming to think old Buzz/Zurg is his father before they ruined it in the process. This is something that could have easily been fixed, especially with James Brolin (the father of Josh Brolin (Thanos in the ‘MCU’)) playing the old Buzz/Zurg in the ‘Lightyear’ film.

I also found it annoying when the film seemed to be stuck on one planet, as Buzz Lightyear and his crew ended up marooned before forming a colony on T’Kani Prime, struggling to find a way to escape. The animated film ‘Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins’ had more variety of planets.

The one thing I did like from watching this film was the robot cat Sox (voiced by Peter Sohn, who voiced Emille in ‘Ratatouille’). Honestly, I think Sox should’ve had more screen-time in the film, especially when he became Buzz’s companion and had that deadpan blank expression all the time. 😀

The rest of the cast includes Izzy Hawthorne (voiced by Keke Palmer), Mo Morrison (voiced by Taika Waititi), Darby Steel (voiced by Dale Soules), Alisha Hawthorne (voiced by Uzo Aduba), I.V.A.N. (voiced by Mary McDonald-Lewis), Airman Diaz (voiced by Efren Ramirez), Commander Burnside (voiced by Isiah Whitlock Jr.), Featheringhamstan (voiced by Bill Hader) and Tim Peake as himself. 😀

I’m sure there were other good things to see in this film, especially involving the time-travel business of Buzz finding ways to get off the T’Kani Prime planet. But overall, ‘Lightyear’ ended up being a disappointment for me. An entertaining film I’m sure, but not how I would perceive Buzz Lightyear. 😦

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