Movie Review – ‘Camp Nowhere’

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It’s time to talk about another movie I saw on Disney+ recently. This is the 1994 film ‘Camp Nowhere’, an adventure comedy film starring Christopher Lloyd. I enjoyed this film. It was funny to see Christopher Lloyd in another film away from his usual and well-known ‘Back to the Future’ films.

In this film, a boy called Morris ‘Mud’ Himmel, played by Jonathan Jackson, has a problem. His parents want to send him away to a summer camp involving computers. He hates going there and decides to organise with friends their own summer camp that isn’t boring and actually a lot of fun. 🙂

They hatch a plan to trick their parents into sending them to this summer camp. They also acquire the assistance of former drama teacher Dennis Van Welker (played by Christopher Lloyd). But how long can their parent-free paradise last? 😐 Can they convince the parents that this camp is genuine?

The first thing that stands out for me about this film is that it screams the 1990s, especially with the kids at their own camp running riot with no adults to look after them, apart from Christopher Lloyd’s character and he has his own hut nearby. There’s also that zany humour oozing throughout the film.

This film wasn’t well-received by critics, which is a shame. I still enjoyed the film, despite the zany approach and the colourful characters featured. There’s also a little charm to the film, as the boy Mud grows to learn the stresses and difficulties of running a summer camp for him and his friends. 🙂

It’s also hard for me not to enjoy this film with recognising certain faces from other films and TV shows I’ve seen over the years. As well as Christopher Lloyd and Jonathan Jackson, the film also features Andrew Keegan as Zack Dell, Mud’s supposed best friend who can be a bit of a pushover. 😐

There’s also Marnette Patterson as Trish Prescott and Melody Kay as Gaby Nowicki, the two girlfriends of Mud and Zack in the film. I quite like the little romances set up between Mud and Gaby as well as Zack and Trish. It’s that kind of young romance that appeals to me as I watch these films. 🙂

Going back to Christopher Lloyd, I enjoyed the performance he delivers as Dennis Van Welker, especially when he puts on a variety of disguises due to him being a former drama teacher. It was also fun to see him interacting with the kids, especially when he and Mud form a friendship in this. 🙂

Wendy Makkena stars as Dr. Celeste Dunbar, a GP whom Christopher Lloyd’s Dennis gets to have a date with, though it’s through lies and deceit at times. Thomas F. Wilson (Biff from ‘Back to the Future’) also appears in the film and he plays Lt. Eliot Hendricks, a police officer on patrol in the area.

It was funny to see Tom F. Wilson in a role that’s not a villain compared to the ‘Back to the Future’ films and to see him in another film with Christopher Lloyd. There’s also M. Emmet Walsh (who I’ve seen in ‘Christmas with the Kranks’) as T.R. Polk, a man who pursues Christopher Lloyd as Dennis. 😀

Incidentally, this film features Jessica Alba as Gail, one of the kids who attends Mud’s camp. In fact, this is Jessica Alba’s film debut before she went on to appear in the ‘Fantastic Four’ movies. I wonder why she would get recognition in this film as her character doesn’t have a line of dialogue. 😀

There are also ‘Star Trek’ cast members I recognised who appeared in the film. There’s Kate Mulgrew (well-known as Captain Janeway in ‘Star Trek: Voyager’) as Rachel Prescott, Trish’s mother. Jonathan Frakes also appears, playing Bob Spiegel, the parent of Arnold Spiegel, a kid at the camp. 🙂

You may know Jonathan Frakes for being Commander Riker in ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ or the director of 2004’s ‘Thunderbirds’. 😀 Burgess Meredith, well-known for playing the Penguin in the 1960s ‘Batman’ TV series, also appears in the film, as he apparently plays a character called Fein.

‘Camp Nowhere’ was a fun film to check out on Disney+ lately. I don’t think it’s one of those films I would see again and again, but it was nice to check out this 1994 film about kids having their own summer camp. It’s a good time to check out this film before the summer months fade into autumn. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim 🙂

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