Convention Report – ‘London Comic Con Winter 2022’

Hello everyone! 🙂

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley.

I know I said I was holding back on this comic con after attending ‘Collectormania 27’ in Birmingham back in September. But after seeing Jodie Whittaker (the Thirteenth Doctor) and David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor and now the Fourteenth Doctor) in the ‘Doctor Who’ BBC Centenary Special called ‘The Power of the Doctor’, I had to go to this event before 2022 was over. I’m pleased I did.

‘London Comic Con Winter’ was a two-day event held at the Olympia in London from Saturday 19th to Sunday 20th of November. I only attended the Sunday of the event. I would have liked to have seen Matt Smith on the Saturday, but there were more ‘Doctor Who’ guests to see on the Sunday. 🙂

Earlier this year, I attended the ‘London Comic Con Spring’ at the same venue in February. Was the Winter event better than the Spring event? Yes, it was. For one thing, the comic con was held on two floors compared to one floor, which I was pleased about, since there was more space at the venue. 🙂

It was still a busy event, considering there are more people in London compared to Newcastle and Birmingham, but I still enjoyed myself. I also had plenty to do throughout the day, including having photos with the stars; having autographs signed and attending a Jodie Whittaker panel talk that day.

So, what were the highlights of me attending ‘London Comic Con Winter’ on Sunday 20th of November? Let me share them with you. After collecting my diamond passes for David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker, I went to have a photo shoot with David Tennant. And yes! I’ve met David Tennant!!!

I’m amazed and thrilled that I got to meet David Tennant, one of my favourite Doctors in ‘Doctor Who’ and definitely the one I grew up with in getting into the TV show in the late 2000s. I’ve now met Peter Davison, David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker at conventions, and they are my favourites. 🙂

I’ve yet to see Christopher Eccleston, who is another of my favourite Doctors. 😀 Meeting David Tennant at ‘London Comic Con Winter’ was a pleasant experience. 🙂 I had my Blu-ray cover of ‘The 10 Christmas Specials’ of ‘Doctor Who’ signed by David, and I got to have a little chat with the man. 🙂

I borrowed one of his quotes and said, “You know what, Doctor? You were my Doctor”, to which he was pleased about. I told him I was looking forward to seeing him again in 2023 and he hoped he would be my Doctor again. 😀 I had more photos with David, including one of us outside the TARDIS.

I also had a photo with David and Jodie at the comic con, which I’m very pleased about. It was nice to see Jodie again (the third time that I’ve seen her at a convention – all three times have been Showmasters events actually) and I’ve had my Blu-ray cover of ‘The Power of the Doctor’ signed by her. 🙂

I shared how ‘Doctor Who’ wouldn’t be the same without her and that I enjoyed her era very much. I asked Jodie if she had any future plans after ‘Doctor Who’, but she hasn’t got any at the moment since she’s still on maternity leave. Jodie said “Diolch” to me, which is actually “Thank you” in Welsh. 🙂

I’m pleased Jodie remembered I was Welsh since she recognised my Welsh accent from when I last saw her in Birmingham. 😀 I also had photo shoots with her, including one where she was in her Thirteenth Doctor costume and one where we stood outside the TARDIS, which was so amazing for me. 🙂

I also told Jodie that I enjoyed her in ‘Attack the Block’, which she was pleased about. I enjoyed Jodie Whittaker’s panel talk during the afternoon that day. I didn’t get to ask her a question during the talk, but it was nice to hear her thoughts on being the Doctor and making the TV show in general.

‘The Power of the Doctor’ photo of the Thirteenth Doctor from the ‘London Comic Con Spring 2022’, February 2022

By the way, I received an A3 sized photo of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor before I went in to sit down for her panel talk, which was nice. I also saw Bonnie Langford (who plays Mel in ‘Doctor Who’). I had a very nice chat with Bonnie and she signed the back of my ‘Power of the Doctor’ Blu-ray cover.

This was the second time I saw Bonnie at a convention (the first time being in Bournemouth back in August 2015). We chatted about what it was like for her to have a cameo in ‘The Power of the Doctor’ and how she’s found doing the ‘Behind the Sofa’ items for the ‘Doctor Who’ Blu-ray box sets.

Bonnie also shared how much she’s enjoyed recording the Big Finish audios of ‘Doctor Who’ with Colin Baker (the Sixth Doctor) and Sylvester McCoy (the Seventh Doctor). I’m pleased I had a lovely chat with Bonnie. I later had a photo with Bonnie Langford that day and I also had a photo with her and Sylvester together. I also had a photo with Jodie Whittaker, Sylvester McCoy and David Tennant.

I managed to see Sylvester before the end of the day after having so many photo shoots with guests. Sylvester signed my Blu-ray cover of ‘The Power of the Doctor’, which I’m pleased about. I shared how much I enjoyed his scenes in the special and he got to share a scene with Sophie Aldred as Ace. 🙂

I had a photo with Katy Manning (who plays Jo Grant) that day. Sadly, I didn’t get to see her for a chat, which is a shame. Katy had a lot of people to see and chat to, and I had quite a number of photo shoots to get through that day. Hopefully, I will get to see Katy again at a future convention. 🙂

Also attending the convention that day were Craige Els (who played Karvanista in ‘Flux’ and a Sea Devil in ‘Legend of the Sea Devils’) and Joplin Sibtain (also known as Chook Sibtain and he played Tarak Ital in ‘The Waters of Mars’). Sadly, I didn’t get to see these two for signing sessions that day.

At ‘London Comic Con Winter’, I met another Doctor. This one was Robert Picardo who played the holographic Doctor in ‘Star Trek: Voyager’. It was nice to meet Robert Picardo in person that day. I had a photo shoot with him and I also had my DVD cover of ‘Star Trek: First Contact’ signed by him. 🙂

Yes, I know he only did a cameo in that movie, but why not have my DVD cover signed by him? 😀 Incidentally, my ‘Star Trek: First Contact’ DVD cover must be the only ‘Star Trek’ item I’ve got that has the most signatures on it. I enjoyed chatting to him, especially about his ‘Orville’ appearances. 🙂

I took some photos of displays and cosplayers at the event too. There was a display of Iron Man, which I had to take photos of. 😀 I also took a photo of a stand-up poster of the movie ‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish’. I doubt I’ll see that movie when it comes out, even though it’s a ‘Shrek’ spin-off film.

There were a couple of Spider-Men at ‘London Comic Con Winter’ and I took a photo of them. I also took a couple photos of two cosplayers in Power Rangers outfits. There was one dressed up as the White Ranger from ‘Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’ and there was a Dino Thunder Power Ranger.

The Dino Thunder Power Ranger was mostly black, but I thought he should be white considering his design was closer to the White Dino Thunder Power Ranger. It’s been a while since I’ve seen ‘Power Rangers Dino Thunder’, but that’s how I remember it. Correct me if I’m missing something on this. 😀

I also took a photo of the Mandalorian at the event and I took photos of what the event was like from the first floor looking at the ground floor. 😀 ‘London Comic Con Winter’ was a great day out. I’m glad I achieved most of what I wanted to do with seeing the guests and having photos with them.

It was lovely to see Jodie Whittaker for the third time at a convention and I’m pleased I got see David Tennant at last. I don’t think something like this will come around again very soon, but I’m glad I was able to do it before the 60th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’ in 2023 comes along with lots to look forward to.

I hope that the next convention I go to will have Sarah Sutton (Nyssa, my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ companion) as one of the guests. I’ve missed seeing her at conventions lately.

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim 🙂


4 thoughts on “Convention Report – ‘London Comic Con Winter 2022’

  1. Lee

    I was at the Sunday as well and it was indeed busy. Katy and Bonnie were more popular than I had expected and think me and my friend went back to their tables for autographs about 6 times to get estimated time may get autographs (eventually got them between 2,20 an 3pm). When met Katy (got 2 autographs from her as one of the photos to choose from was of her with Elizabeth Sladen (my fav companion) so had to have that one) I asked her what it was like to work with Elizabeth and she said it was fun etc as they shared a Doctor and had known each other for years. Met Bonnie and asked her about Dimensions in Time and whether she thought when she was filming it that she would be back in Eastenders as a main character 12 years later. Sylvester McCoy was lovely to meet again and he signed his autographs with one of my fav quotes from his Doctor. I knew Jodie (who I would love o meet one day) would be popular so did not even bother with her The only complaint I would have about the event ws that it could have been laid out a bit better (Having Ksty on a corner doing autographs was bad idea as queue was blocking way round corner at times, nd this was after they moved her from being next to Bonnie as their queues were merging together) but overall it was a good day (also pleased I got to meet Michael Ironside as well). Apols for the long comment

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Lee,

      Thanks for sharing how you found the ‘London Comic Con Winter’ last Sunday. It was pretty exciting, wasn’t it? I’m glad I was able to see Bonnie that day. A shame I couldn’t see Katy as her queue was longer than Bonnie’s, but I’m pleased I had a photo with her. I’m glad you got autographs from Katy, including one with her and Lis Sladen. I’ve had a photo of Katy and Lis signed by Katy at a convention too. 🙂 I’m pleased you got to ask Bonnie about ‘Dimensions in Time’ and ‘Eastender’ and that you got to see Sylvester McCoy.

      I hope you get to see Jodie Whittaker someday. I’ve been able to see her three times this year and all her convention appearances this year were run by Showmasters. Yeah, Katy Manning being in the corner for her autographs was a challenge to overcome at the event. When it comes to the summer ‘London Film and Comic Con’ events, Showmasters use more space for the event when they have more guests. I hope there’ll be more ‘Doctor Who’ guests to see at Showmasters Events next year, with it being the 60th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’ in 2023. I don’t know Michael Ironside that well, but I’m glad you got to see him that day. Don’t worry about your comment being long. Thank you for dropping a line.

      Best wishes,

      Tim 🙂


      1. Shohaib Shah

        Hi Tim – hope you’re doing well. Stumbled across your blog and wanted to share my thoughts.

        First off, brilliant post. It was short but detailed and covered everything we possibly could know about what happened. Please keep sharing your opinions and experiences at Comic Cons!

        Secondly, I’m going to focus on the Doctor Who aspect, because that’s mostly what I’m a fan of. I’m very happy you got to finally meet David Tennent, would love for that to happen to me one day. Here’s to many more for you!

        As for Jodie Whittaker, I can’t begin to think how exciting it is for her to actually remember you, considering she’s met over a thousands fans combined across the 3 conventions you’ve gone to.
        I also met her at my first Comic Con back in February and my word, what an experience! At first, I was so nervous and shy at the thought that I’m finally going to meet my first Doctor and what an amazing thing that it had to be the current one (at the time), Jodie! However, once I got there, somehow, all my nerves were calmed because I kept saying to myself that Jodie is only a human, just like us, so nothing to worry about. What was amazing is that only a few minutes from having entered, she walked past me and it felt surreal. It feels odd to watch someone on TV for years and then see them in real life. At the autograph stages, despite rushing through, she asked me and all the fans how we were and always looked up to acknowledge us. At the photographs, I unfortunately don’t remember what she said to me, but a great moment nonetheless.

        Overall, in regards to Jodie, I genuinely think she’s a great actor and human. The fact that she acknowledged all the fans, asked them questions and had such a positive energy during her first ever Comic Con whilst being pregnant further solidifies my belief that she’s just one hell of a brilliant human especially with your interactions as well!

        I would have loved to meet her again in the Winter, but unfortunately my financial situation had changed since I last met her. Oh well. Hopefully she’s at another London Comic Con in 2023!

        Sorry to ramble on for so long, but just wanted to share my own thoughts and experiences.

        Thank you for your blog post once again, a great read indeed!

        “We’re all just stories in the end. Just make it a good one eh?”

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      2. Tim Bradley Post author

        Hi Shohaib,

        I’m doing good thanks. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on ‘London Comic Con Winter 2022’. Glad you enjoyed my blog post on the convention.

        I’m pleased I met David Tennant for the first time at a convention, as he’s one of my favourite Doctors. He came across as a geniunely nice guy when I met him. I’m pleased Jodie Whittaker remembered me when she said “Dioloch” to me. I must have made an impression on her. 😀 I’m pleased I’ve been able to meet her three times at conventions this year. Thanks for sharing your memories of meeting Jodie back in February, which was where I first met her too. I really like Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor and I take away happy memories of seeing her on TV and at conventions over the years.

        I hope you’ll get to see Jodie again at another convention. The next convention she’s doing is the ‘Gallifrey’ one in LA, but I can’t do that one as it’s far away for me. 😆 She might do another Showmasters event in 2023. It will depend on how much maternity leave she has left. I hope I’ll be attending conventions in 2023 to celebrate 60 years of ‘Doctor Who’.

        Many thanks for your comments.

        Best wishes and Happy Christmas,

        Tim 🙂


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