Quick TV Series Review – ‘The Larkins’ (Series 2)


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As well as seeing Bradley Walsh in the ‘Doctor Who’ story ‘The Power of the Doctor’ this year, I’ve also seen him in Series 2 of ‘The Larkins’ on both ITV1 and Britbox. I greatly enjoyed watching Series 2 of ‘The Larkins’ after enjoying Series 1 and the Christmas Special back in 2021, which is amazing. 🙂

I don’t think there’s another Christmas Special coming out this year, according to Peter Davison who’s also in Series 2, when I saw him at ‘Newcastle Comic Con’ back in July. I think the show’s production team, including Bradley Walsh, are wanting to keep ‘The Larkins’ as summery as possible.

I could be wrong of course, but it was nice to revisit ‘The Larkins’ in Series 2 and to see how the story progressed for the characters we love as well as those we hate. Throughout Series 2, as well as the comedy-drama, there was a serious undertone, especially when Pop Larkin is sent to prison in this. 😦

In Series 2, the Larkins receive new neighbours in the form of Julian Rhind-Tutt as Mr. Jerebohlm, his wife Morgana Robinson as Pinkie, and their two very snooty and nasty children. Gradually, the Larkins don’t get on well with their new neighbours. Pop ends up being framed of a crime by them. 😦

Pop finds himself put on trial, which goes disastrously wrong, and he ends up in prison. Thankfully, the prison life isn’t as bleak as you might think when he makes friends with the prison guards and the prisoners. Ma Larkin and others also help to find a way to get Pop out of prison as soon as possible.

Bradley Walsh and Joanna Scanlan continue to shine as Pop and Ma Larkin in the series. For the most part, they’re a cheerful and happy married couple. It becomes bleak when the Jerebohlms threatened their happy life, but it turns alright, and I’m pleased they managed to get their own back.

The series also sees the return of Mariette (now played by Joelle Rae instead of Sabrina Bartlett) and her husband Charley (played by Tok Stephen). It’s a shame Sabrina Bartlett couldn’t come back to play Mariette in Series 2, but Joelle Rae plays her well and I found myself easily identifying with her. 🙂

Surprisingly, Mariette and Charley don’t appear in Series 2 until halfway and at the end of the fourth episode. For a while, I thought Mariette and Charley weren’t going to appear at all in Series 2 and the production team decided not to recast Mariette after all. It turned out I was wrong about that. 😀

Before Mariette and Charley returned, there’s focus on the love story between Lydia Page as Primrose Larkin and the new vicar Maxim Ays as Reverend Ian Candy, which I found rather sweet. Peter Davison as the Vicar is clearly jealous of Ian Candy, despite letting him do all of the hard work.

You know, I really don’t like to think about Peter Davison being the grumpy old man, especially when he’s playing the Fifth Doctor in the Big Finish audios of ‘Doctor Who’. But goodness me, he is the grumpy old man in ‘The Larkins’ series. I might tell Peter that next time I see him at a convention. 😀

Series 2 also features Ameila Bullmore as Miss Edith Pilchester, Kriss Dosanjh as the Brigadier (No, not the ‘Doctor Who’ one 😀 ), Seeta Indrani as Miss Chand, Tony Gardner as Alec Norman, and Selina Griffiths as his wife Norma. There’s also Barney Walsh, Bradley Walsh’s son, as PC Harness. 🙂

There’s also Natalie Mitson as Pauline, Francesca Wilson Waterworth as Libby, Liam Middleton as Montgomery Larkin, Summer Miller as Zinnia Larkin, Sienna Mae Miller as Petunia Larkin, Lola Shepelev as Victoria Larkin, and there’s Baby Oscar. It was so lovely to see these characters again. 🙂

Robert Bathurst also returns to guest star as Johnny Delamere in some of the Series 2 episodes. There were also a few guest star faces I recognised in Series 2, including Nigel Betts as Major Sprague, the magistrate at Pop Larkin’s trial. There’s also Colin McFarlane as prosecutor Mr. Barlow.

Rupert Vansittart was also the Dean in the sixth and final episode of Series 2. Overall, Series 2 of ‘The Larkins’ was great to check out. I’m glad my parents and I caught up on the episodes we missed on ITV1 via Britbox. I don’t know if another Christmas Special is on its way, but I’m sure Series 3 will get made. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Bye for now!

Tim 🙂


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