Day 21 – ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2022

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It’s Day 21 of ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2022.

Want to know how I feel about the Cybermen in ‘Revenge of the Cybermen’?

Furthering the point I made yesterday about the Cybermen’s voices, I wish the dialogue was rewritten to make them sound more robotic and akin to the Cybermen in the 1960s stories as well as ‘Rise of the Cybermen’/’The Age of Steel’ and ‘Army of Ghosts’/’Doomsday’. The Cybermen’s voices should have been electronic.

I found this video link on YouTube where the Cybermen’s voices and dialogue are more impressive compared to what’s in the actual story. Christopher Robbie also still doesn’t convince me as the Cyber Leader, especially as he seems emotive – more than David Banks’ “Excellent!” Cyber Leader. 😀

Going back to the point I made yesterday about wishing Kevin Stoney played Tobias Vaughn in ‘Revenge of the Cybermen’, Jeremy Wilkin as Kellman does seem to be Vaughn-like in appearance with his dress sense. I wonder why it wasn’t considered that Vaughn would be in this story than Kellman. 😐

It seemed tense when Sarah Jane and Harry were brought in to meet Tyrum on Voga. Incidentally, I hate the ‘gold being a weakness’ thing for the Cybermen in ‘Doctor Who’. It makes them less threatening. I’m very pleased they overcame that weakness recently in ‘The Power of the Doctor’. 🙂

I admit, it’s been a while since I’ve seen ‘Revenge of the Cybermen’ to know exactly what’s going on when certain Vogan factions are fighting each other in this story. I found it funny when Kellman was searching through the Doctor’s pockets and all he found was some jelly babies as well an apple core.

Thanks for watching and reading!

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Bye for now!

Tim 🙂

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