Day 23 – ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2022

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It’s Day 23 of ‘Bradley’s Basement’s Advent Calendar 2022.

Do I think the Cybermen do well in their march aboard the space freighter in ‘Earthshock’?

Honestly, I would have liked the Cybermen’s march aboard the space freighter if it was replaced by Murray Gold’s Cybermen music in stories like ‘Rise of the Cybermen’/’The Age of Steel’ and ‘Army of Ghosts’/’Doomsday’. I also would have liked it if the Cybermen marched as robots or as metal men. 😐

As you can tell, I’m not really a fan of the 1980s Cybermen in ‘Doctor Who’. There’s something about them that doesn’t work for me. The Cybermen’s heads are fine, but they look like men in suits instead of looking like robots – an impression which I’ve always had from watching them in the new TV series.

I suppose the 1980s Cybermen’s guns are effective when they gun people down, but I prefer it when the Cybermen electrocute people or use arm blasters. Speaking of which, I don’t like it when the freighter crew and Lt. Scott’s troopers have guns that fire candy cane-looking beams during a battle.

Thank goodness the CGI effects option of the story on DVD and Blu-ray replaced them. People tend to criticise Beryl Reid’s performance as Briggs in the story, but I think she does okay with playing the character. Mind you, I find it weird when she ‘wants’ the Doctor and Adric ‘where’ she ‘can see them’.

She can’t see them when they’re on the floor, can she? 😀 I liked Peter Davison’s Doctor’s reaction to the Cybermen for the first time once he sees them on the bridge’s viewscreen. It’s almost similar to how David Tennant’s Doctor’s reacted to the Cybermen for the first time in ‘Rise of the Cybermen’. 🙂

Thanks for watching and reading!

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Bye for now!

Tim 🙂


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