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Convention Report – ‘Carlisle Comic Con 2018’

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What is it about snow? Every time you try to prepare an exciting weekend, snow becomes a problem when it gets in the way. It can cause disruption to your journey when you want to get somewhere. Well thankfully, that didn’t stop me, as I had a fantastic weekend at the ‘Carlisle Comic Con’ this year. Continue reading

Convention Report – ‘Stars of Time Film & Comic Con 2016 @ The Tropicana’

stars of time tropicana

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I’ve come back from my weekend away to Weston-super-Mare! For the August Bank Holiday weekend, I attended the ‘Stars of Time Film and Comic Con 2016 @ The Tropicana’. Previously, I attended the ‘Stars of Time Film and Comic Con 2016’ at the Helicopter Museum back in May 2016. Continue reading

DVD reviews – ‘Back to the Future’ Trilogy

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Today I’ve added a new page to my ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog. Continue reading

21st October 2015 (Back to the Future Day)

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Today is the 21st of October 2015! It’s a very important day for ‘Back to the Future’ fans! This is the day that Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly and Christopher Brown as Doc Brown went to ‘the future’ and visited Hill Valley in 2015 as seen in ‘Back to the Future, Part II’. Continue reading