Season 17-styled stories of ‘Doctor Who’

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Do you like the Douglas Adams era of ‘Doctor Who’?

Well, here are some reviews by me on some ‘Doctor Who’ stories in the style of Douglas Adams from Season 17. These stories are by two distinguished ‘Doctor Who’ writers – Jonathan Morris and Gareth Roberts. Both have contributed to the Douglas Adams era of the series via books and audio! Continue reading


Slitheen, a Dalek, the Jagrafess, the Reapers and the Empty Child with Christopher Eccleston


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Today, I’ve posted five new reviews on five ‘Doctor Who’ stories from Series 1 starring Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose. Continue reading

CD review – ‘The Doomsday Quatrain’ (Doctor Who)


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Today, I’ve posted my ‘Doctor Who’ review on ‘The Doomsday Quatrain’ on ‘Bradley’s Basement’! This is another solo audio adventure with Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor. It has him meeting David Schofield as Nostradamus in 16th century Florence. Or is it? Continue reading

‘The Nyssa Challenge’ – Phase 5 Schedule

the nyssa challenge

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The fourth phase of ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ has been completed already! That was quick! 😀

Fifty-six weeks in (it was fifty-three, three weeks ago!) and we’ve now arrived at the fifth and final phase of ‘The Nyssa Challenge’ which will start next week!

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‘Destiny of the Doctor’ review – ‘The Time Machine’


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It’s time to celebrate the Eleventh Doctor era of ‘Doctor Who’ for the 50th anniversary!

Here on ‘Bradley’s Basement’, we come to the end of the ‘Destiny of the Doctor’ audio series from Big Finish and AudioGo in 2013. Today, my review on the eleventh story, ‘The Time Machine’ with the Eleventh Doctor, is now online. 🙂

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New ‘Doctor Who’ DVD reviews with David Tennant

doctor who series 2 dvd2

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Today, I’ve posted three new ‘Doctor Who’ DVD reviews starring David Tennant as the Doctor. They include ‘The Christmas Invasion’; ‘New Earth’ and ‘Tooth and Claw’, which are the first three adventures from Series 2 featuring David Tennant’s Doctor with Billie Piper as Rose. Continue reading