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This is a great character episode for Wilson. He gets promoted to be a bank manager and a second lieutenant in Eastgate. Captain Mainwaring is shocked and upset by this. Pike soon gets promoted to acting chief clerk at the bank and Jones, overjoyed, gets promoted to be as a sergeant in the Home Guard.

I found it funny when Pike makes a mistake and everyone, except him, in the Home Guard gets promoted to be a sergeant. As well as Jones becoming a sergeant, Frazer becomes one as does Walker; Godfrey and Sponge. It was funny when Jonesy asked Mainwaring what to do about the sergeants.

This episode also features Frank Williams as the Vicar and Edward Sinclair as the Verger. There’s also Janet Davies as Mrs. Pike. Mrs. Pike becomes very upset when she hears of Wilson leaving to stay in Eastgate. The Vicar comforts Mrs. Pike and the Verger enters getting the wrong end of the stick witnessing it.

The episode also features Blake Butler as Mr. West from Head Office, who phones Mainwaring about Wilson’s promotion to bank manager in Eastgate, shocking him. There’s also Robert Raglan as Captain Pritchard (not Colonel yet) who phones Mainwaring about Wilson’s military promotion in the Eastgate platoon.

Arthur Brough guest stars as Mr. Boyle, who works at the bank in Eastgate where Wilson becomes the manager. Arthur Brough later starred as Ernest Grainger in ‘Are You Being Served?’ There’s also Colin Bean as Private Sponge. He’s getting more screen time than other less ‘Dad’s Army’ members.

This episode also illustrates how Wilson’s recent promotions affect his relationship with Mainwaring. Mainwaring takes it very personally as he shows jealous he is of Wilson going off to ‘higher things’. Wilson wants to leave on happy terms, but Mainwaring isn’t willing ‘to let bygones be bygones’ at all.

I enjoyed it when Wilson gets to be the bank manager and calls everyone at the Eastgate branch for a nice chat. Sadly, Wilson is only the bank manager for five minutes. During an air raid, the Eastgate bank gets blown up to smithereens. It was very sad for Wilson not to have his promotion to last longer.

‘A. Wilson (Manager)?’ is a poignant episode for Wilson’s character. I enjoyed how Wilson gets to have a chance to live a life outside of Walmington, even for a short while. It shows how his friendship with Mainwaring is tested and it’s sad how Wilson doesn’t get to be a bank manager for long.

‘A. Wilson (Manager)?’ (TV) rating – 8/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

This was transmitted as the eighteenth episode in Series 2 of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. I first heard the radio episode on an original 2-disc CD of ‘Dad’s Army’ containing four radio episodes – Volume 14 actually. This radio episode is actually pretty good despite some alterations in the adaptation process.

Most notably, again, Larry Martyn doesn’t reprise his role as Walker in the radio episode. I don’t see why not since Walker could easily be in the radio episode with Larry Martyn playing the character. Mind you, the Vicar and Mrs. Pike don’t appear in the episode either. I wonder if this was due to timing and costs.

Edward Sinclair reprises his role as the Verger in the radio episode as he played it in the TV version. He makes two appearances when asking Jonesy and Frazer each in turn to help him move the harmonium. Because of the Vicar and Mrs. Pike’s absence, the Verger does not witness them together.

Michael Knowles guest stars as Captain Bailey in the radio episode and is the one who informs Mainwaring that Wilson has been promoted to lieutenant in the Eastgate platoon. This is different in the TV version as it was Robert Raglan as Captain Pritchard who informed Mainwaring about this news.

I’ve discovered a difference from the radio series to the TV series overall with Captain Bailey’s character. In the TV series, Captain Bailey was mostly played by John Ringham. Yet in the radio series, John Ringham plays Captain Turner whereas Michael Knowles is playing Captain Bailey. How peculiar.

Fraser Kerr guest stars as Mr. West in the radio episode instead of Blake Butler in the TV version. This is Fraser Kerr’s second contribution to the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. His first was in the radio version of ‘If The Cap Fits…’ Most of the scenes West has are with him on the phone to Mainwaring and Wilson.

I enjoyed the radio version of the revelation that everyone else except Pike had been promoted to sergeant. It was funny to hear the reactions of Jones, Fraser and Godfrey when they discovered there were 3 sergeants before it became 4, 5 six and eventually 17. Jones very soon informs Mr. Mainwaring.

It was interesting how Wilson’s return to Swallows Bank in Walmington was handled after the Eastgate branch got blown up. Mainwaring seems very pleased about Wilson returning. He’s rather cheeky and a little cruel towards Wilson when he jokes about how difficult it would be to get him back as sergeant.

‘A Wilson (Manager)?’ (Audio) rating – 8/10

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