‘All Is Safely Gathered In’ (TV)

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This is a very enjoyable ‘Dad’s Army’ episode that touches upon Godfrey’s character. It also features a wartime harvest. The episode was filmed in 1972 to authentically recreate a wartime harvest. I wouldn’t say this was an absolute favourite episode of mine, but it was pretty entertaining throughout.

In this episode, Private Godfrey asks for ‘three days holiday’ off from Captain Mainwaring. He wants to help out an old lady-friend at a farm where she lives and gather in the harvest. At this, Mainwaring considers it vital work. Soon, he and his platoon join in to help Godfrey and his friend at the farm.

The ARP wardens led by Bill Pertwee as Chief Warden Hodges also help out too. Yeah! This episode was interesting in showing Hodges trying to make peace with Mainwaring by working with him to collect the harvest. This is after Hodges had a near-death experience with a bomb nearly upon him.

Mainwaring and his men are obviously distrusting of Hodges and his motives. It was interesting to see Hodges trying to make a flawed effort to be cooperative with Mainwaring. Eventually, after collecting the harvest, they celebrate by eating home-made pasties and drinking strong potato wine.

It was interesting to see Godfrey’s relationship with an old flame he once had – Brenda Cowling as Mrs. Prentice. Incidentally, Brenda Cowling later starred in the BBC sitcom series ‘You Rang M’Lord’ by Jimmy Perry and David Croft. The scenes between Godfrey and Mrs. Prentice were nice to watch.

The harvesting scenes in the episode were very enjoyable to watch – both interesting and comedic at the same time. I certainly enjoyed it when Jonesy was explaining how to use the threshing machine in the episode. He ends up losing his trousers through the machine in the process mind. 😀

The episode also features three land girls. These include April Walker as Judy and Tina Cornioli as Olive. Not sure who the third land girl is since she isn’t credited in the episode. That’s peculiar. 😀 Walker is caught flirting and kissing with the land girls in the episode which Mainwaring puts a stop to.

‘All is Safely Gathered In’ is a pretty good harvest-fuelled episode featured in ‘Dad’s Army’. It shows the ‘Dad’s Army’ team truly working well together for a good cause during the war. I also found it funny when they all got drunk at the end and became belligerent during the ‘blessing of the harvest’.

‘All Is Safely Gathered In’ (TV) rating – 8/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

This is the nineteenth episode transmitted in Series 2 of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. Once again, the adaptation of a TV episode into a radio episode means a significant amount of changes were made. This is especially since certain characters are absent and certain scenes were reworked into audio.

Once again, Larry Martyn doesn’t reprise his role as Private Walker for this radio version of the episode. This means that there aren’t any scenes where Walker is having his way with the three land girls in the episode. The land girls themselves also don’t appear in the radio version of the episode.

Bill Pertwee reprises his role as Chief Warden Hodges in the episode. It’s interesting how his character progresses in the radio episode compared to the TV episode. He still tries to cooperate with Mainwaring in a peaceful manner, but he takes advantage of something towards the episode’s end.

There’s also Frank Williams who reprises his role as the Vicar in the radio episode. In the TV version of the episode, Edward Sinclair played the Verger. But here in the radio version, the Verger is absent. We also don’t get to have ‘the blessing of the harvest’ as it was in the TV episode towards the story’s end.

Nan Kenway guest stars as Mrs. Prentice in the radio episode instead of Brenda Cowling who played her in the TV version. There’s also a lack of Godfrey and Mrs. Prentice interacting with each other. This was disappointing as it takes away the enhancement that Godfrey’s character had in the TV one.

At the end of the episode, there is no brawl and there isn’t the ‘Dad’s Army’ team and the ARP Wardens eating home-made pasties and drinking potato wine. Instead, Mainwaring learns that Hodges had the ‘Dad’s Army’ team and the ARP Wardens agreeing without his consent to help another farm.

This causes the scene where the ‘Dad’s Army’ team and Hodges hurl abuse at each other whilst the Vicar, Mrs. Prentice and Godfrey try to referee and stop them. I suppose the drunk fighting scene at the end of the episode would have been difficult to translate into audio, but I find the TV one better.

There is less montage scenes of the ‘Dad’s Army’ team and the ARP Wardens helping with the harvest. Colin Bean who played Sponge in the TV episode is also absent in the radio version. The dialogue of Sponge saying he’s a sheep farmer gets given to Frazer who now has a sheep farmer relative.

‘All Is Safely Gathered In’ (Audio) rating – 7/10

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