‘Asleep In The Deep’ (TV)

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This is one of my favourite ‘Dad’s Army’ episodes and it’s one of the best of the TV series! In the episode, Private Walker and Private Godfrey get trapped inside a pumping station. This occurred when the first of two bombs dropped onto Walmington-on-Sea during an air raid in the middle of the night.

Captain Mainwaring; his men and Bill Pertwee as Chief Warden Hodges, have to go and rescue Private Walker and Private Godfrey from the pumping station. But the ‘Dad’s Army’ team soon end up getting trapped in the process. They are also to be flooded in when one of the water pipes breaks open.

I saw this episode on one of ‘The Very Best of Dad’s Army’ VHSs when I was young. Everything about this episode is gripping to watch and I enjoyed the laughs throughout. It was funny when Mainwaring’s men are taking rubble out of a corridor and they say, “Don’t make a noise! Pass it on!”

Eventually Mainwaring and his men get to Walker and Godfrey, but it goes wrong when Jonesy doesn’t close the door to the corridor ‘quietly’. I liked Frazer’s catchphrase, “We’re doomed, doomed!” in this episode. It’s something that defines Frazer’s character in the ‘Dad’s Army’ TV show.

I also found it very funny when Jones can’t get out of the pumping station since the doorknob came off from his hand. It was so amusing when Walker couldn’t hear Godfrey’s heart beat as he was checking up on him before discovering a lot of thermal wool in his tunic to prevent him hearing his heat beat.

To cheer themselves up, Mainwaring and his men sing ‘Underneath the Spreading Chestnut Tree’. Very soon, the room that Mainwaring and his men are in gets flooded with water. It gets tense when the water rises up and Mainwaring and his men get on top of the bunk to avoid getting drowned.

It was funny when it turned out Godfrey took some sleeping tablets on active service and they were stronger than he thought. Godfrey does provide the answer for getting himself and the others out of the pumping station, but he ‘does it again’ with getting everyone locked in the station again. 😀

‘Asleep in the Deep’ is one of my favourites and very funny to watch. I liked the teamwork going on between the ‘Dad’s Army’ team, even when things go wrong. I found Hodges a good foil for the ‘Dad’s Army’ team when he joined them. And the episode ends on an amusing and reassuring note. 😀

‘Asleep in the Deep’ (TV) rating – 10/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

‘Asleep In The Deep’ was the thirteenth episode in Series 3 of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. Like ‘The Deadly Attachment’ radio adaptation, I found the ‘Asleep In The Deep’ radio adaptation to be a bit disappointing. Most of what was in the TV episode is there, but so much of funny stuff gets missing.

Larry Martyn once again plays Walker in the radio episode and Bill Pertwee returns to play Chief Warden Hodges as he did in the TV version. The cast of ‘Asleep In The Deep’ is relatively small with it just being the ‘Dad’s Army’ team and Hodges. So that makes the radio adaptation easy to cast around.

While the main structure of the TV episode is in the radio version, a lot of the stuff I found funny in the TV version gets ruined in radio. This is especially when certain characters said dialogue and jokes that were not in the original TV version. And sadly, most of the new jokes in the radio version are not funny.

An example is this is when the ‘Dad’s Army’ team don’t do the “Don’t make a noise, pass it on” routine. That was so funny in the TV version, but it doesn’t feel the same when Jonesy said to Walker, “And don’t you worry, I won’t tell a soul” when passing rubble out from a corridor. Or maybe that’s just me.

I did find it amusing when Jonesy was told to stay where he was and ‘close the door’ by Wilson in the radio episode. Jonesy explains to Wilson why he can’t reach the door as he’s stuck to the spot. Wilson tells him Mainwaring meant ‘stay’ in the room where he was. Jonesy shutting the door was funny too.

The radio episode doesn’t have the ‘Dad’s Army’ team sing ‘Underneath the Spreading Chestnut Tree’ which was disappointing. Wilson doesn’t even smile for Mainwaring, which would’ve been difficult to adapt for radio. Instead, we cut immediately to where Pike gets drenched in water by the broken pipe.

There wasn’t a ‘six pieces of paper’ in Mainwaring’s cap scene for the radio version where everyone had to pick a piece of paper with a cross on it. Mainwaring just chooses Hodges instantly to have him be at the first of the chain to take rubble out from a corridor. I honestly found the TV version to be better.

The episode ends rather differently in radio compared to the TV version. In the TV version, Mainwaring orders Wilson to take his trousers off to go through the hole into the flooded room to get out and open the door from the other side. In the radio version, Mainwaring has Hodges do it. Hodges is very unhappy. 😀

‘Asleep In The Deep’ (Audio) rating – 7/10

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