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Captain Mainwaring gets his men to do a lot of marching in order for them to have ‘fast’; ‘functional’ and ‘fit’ feet. All this marching becomes too much for the ‘Dad’s Army’ team. Some of the platoon soon have an idea. They go off to a shoe shop and change Captain Mainwaring’s shoes for a small size.

This episode demonstrates how some of Mainwaring’s methods in improving the Home Guard’s fitness goes too far. It’s funny when two groups including Walker; Frazer; Jones and Godfrey as well as Wilson and Pike go off to the shoe shop at different times and use similar methods to get the shoes.

I found it funny when Mainwaring inspects the men’s feet that Walker has to put happy and sad faces on Pike and Frazer’s barefeet, using a felt-tip pen. The episode demonstrates Walker’s resourcefulness, especially when they’re visiting the shoe shop and it’s his idea to change Mr. Mainwaring’s shoe-size.

The episode guest stars Eirk Chitty as Mr. Sedgewick, the owner of the shoe shop. Erik Chitty is the highlight of this episode, as he’s clearly very funny when having to deal with the two groups of ‘Dad’s Army’ men visiting his shop. He keeps fetching glasses of water for Godfrey but he doesn’t suspect.

This episode also features Janet Davies as Mrs. Pike. It was pretty tense when Pike had a nightmare about having feet looking big, swollen and horrible. Mrs. Pike becomes concerned for her son; getting him a glass of water at night and going to see Mainwaring about Pike’s nightmares but Wilson is there.

The episode also features Bill Pertwee as Chief Warden Hodges. Hodges has a laugh after he warns Mainwaring not to go too far when marching out on the beach before falling into a great pig puddle of sea water. Mainwaring uses all sorts of methods to see his men becoming fit and often going barefoot.

This includes playing football barefoot; walking on stones barefoot and often marching barefoot. It was pretty amusing when Mainwaring shows the two diagrams of a good foot and a bad foot and Walker makes fun saying “The little piggy that went wee, wee, wee all the home.” Very funny to hear!

‘Boots, Boots, Boots’ is a very funny episode where the ‘Dad’s Army’ team do too much of the fitness scheme with their feet. I did think the episode’s ending was a little weak in terms of how the ‘Dad’s Army’ team attempted not to do a long walk and seemed to fail at that, but it was still fun entertainment.

‘Boots, Boots, Boots’ (TV) rating – 8/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

‘Boots, Boots, Boots’ was the fourth episode transmitted in Series 2 of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. I enjoyed this radio version of the TV episode very much. I recall enjoying it very much when hearing it on Audible in 2016 and I was about to attend ‘Stars of Time’ @ The Tropicana’ in Weston-super-Mare.

The big difference between the TV version and the radio version of this episode is that Walker’s not in it again. I suspect it’s going to take a while before Walker comes back into the series. As a consequence, a lot of the lines given to Walker are given to other characters to fit into the radio version.

In the radio version, it’s Frazer who asks Jones whether he’s got ‘webbed feet’ instead of Walker. It’s also Pike who goes “The little piggy that went wee, wee, wee all the way home” instead of Walker in the radio version. I think that suits Pike considering he is young and can be a little cheeky in the series.

It’s also Frazer who comes up with the idea of changing Mainwaring’s shoe size instead of Walker in the radio version. Thus all of Walker’s resourcefulness in the TV version gets transferred to Frazer when he; Jones and Godfrey visit the shoe shop. It must have given John Laurie plenty to do in this. 😀

Erik Chitty reprises his role of Mr. Sedgewick in the radio episode as he did in the TV version. Mrs. Pike and Chief Warden Hodges don’t appear in the radio version as in the TV version. Interestingly, it’s Wilson who checks up on Pike when he has nightmares as opposed to Mrs. Pike during the TV version.

Thus all the dialogue between Pike and Wilson about suggesting to change Mainwaring’s shoe size is put in the scene where Wilson checks up on Pike after his nightmare. This is before Wilson goes to fetch a glass of water for Pike instead of his mum. Interesting Pike questions Uncle Arthur being there.

The transition of scenes with Frazer; Jones and Godfrey visiting Sedgewick’s and Wilson and Pike visiting Sedgewick’s feels almost immediate in the radio version as opposed to a passage of time in-between the two in the TV version. I also feel that the episode’s conclusion is handled better on radio.

In radio, it gets explained what happened as Frazer; Jones and Godfrey transferred the normal size pair of shoes for a small size. When Wilson and Pike visit, they transferred the small size pair of shoes for a normal size. Thus Captain Mainwaring is able to walk properly, meaning a long walk for the platoon.

‘Boots, Boots, Boots’ (Audio) rating – 8/10

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