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This is another one of the ‘Christmas Night with the Stars’ mini-episodes from ‘Dad’s Army’ and it’s my favourite of the lot. ‘Broadcast to the Empire’ has the ‘Dad’s Army’ team taking part in a BBC radio sketch for a Christmas broadcast called ‘To Absent Friends’. It’s to take place before the King’s speech.

I found it very funny when Jonesy kept spitting and hitting the BBC microphone with his script. Peter Greene, who I’ve seen in a ‘Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Them’ episode, as the BBC Engineer gets a headache from that. I like his line “Don’t do that!” with the producer echoing “Don’t do that!” back. 🙂

The “Don’t do that!” line has become a catchphrase for the Bradley household. 😀 In the mini-episode, the sketch the ‘Dad’s Army’ team perform is about the Home Guard protecting Britain’s shores from the Nazis. The script by Michael Knowles as the BBC producer Willerby Troughton-Maxwell is ‘rubbish’.

At least that’s how Mainwaring sums it up. And I agree with him. 😀 I found it very funny when Wilson read the script and he can’t do a cockney accent for the Sergeant character as written by the producer. It was also pretty funny when Jones did the sea sound effects and Pikes did the seagull calls.

‘Broadcast to the Empire’ is a wonderful Christmas mini-episode for ‘Dad’s Army’ and it deserves to be shown on Christmas Day. It was very funny when the ‘Dad’s Army’ team didn’t get to perform the sketch at the end. They take their revenge by spitting and hitting the BBC microphone with scripts. 😀

‘Broadcast to the Empire’ (TV) rating – 10/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

‘Ten Seconds From Now’ is the twenty-sixth and final episode of Series 3 in the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series as well as the entire series itself. I’ve greatly enjoyed the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series, comparing and contrasting what the differences are between the TV episodes and the radio episodes themselves.

The final episode of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series is based on the ‘Christmas Night with the Stars’ mini-episode ‘Broadcast to the Empire’. I love that ‘Dad’s Army’ Christmas mini-episode! It was very intriguing to hear it extended as a full-length episode of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series and I enjoyed it.

It also has the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series come full circle towards it ends. As the ‘Dad’s Army’ team are performing a sketch for BBC radio in the episode, it’s ironically surreal to hear them do the same thing in the actual radio series. There are intriguing ways how they did a radio sketch within a radio episode.

With that said in mind, I don’t think ‘Ten Seconds From Now’ the radio episode is as good as ‘Broadcast to the Empire’ the TV mini-episode. Things do feel stretched out in terms of dialogue and adding in extra scenes. It doesn’t make it all that funny, which is a shame as it potentially could’ve been very funny.

The episode has Larry Martyn back as Private Walker for the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series which is a delight. There’s also Frank Thornton as the BBC producer instead of Michael Knowles as on TV. I find it strange Michael Knowles didn’t reprise the BBC producer role for the radio episode as he did for TV.

I’m surprised because he adapted the ‘Dad’s Army’ TV series for radio with Harold Snoad. In any case, Frank Thornton plays the BBC producer role instead, who is named Mr. Willerby Troughton ‘Hyphen’ (?) Maxwell. The running joke where Mainwaring struggles to say the producer’s name isn’t that amusing.

Frank Thornton has been in the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series before in the episode ‘Something Nasty In The Vault’. He’s also well-known for starring in the comedy series ‘Are You Being Served?’ There’s also Roger Gartland as Bert the BBC engineer (who gets a name here 😮 ) instead of Peter Greene as on TV.

The moments where Jonesy hits the microphone and gives Bert the engineer a headache are still funny. Pike doing the seagulls is also still funny. A shame they’re doing this sketch in September and not for Christmas. The episode’s ending isn’t very funny as the TV version once Frazer reminds Mainwaring that he isn’t the King.

‘Ten Seconds From Now’ (Audio) rating – 7/10

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