‘Cornish Floral Dance’ (TV)


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The ‘Cornish Floral Dance’ mini-episode was the third ‘Christmas Night with the Stars’ of ‘Dad’s Army’. It was shown on the 25th of December 1970. Sadly, the episode doesn’t exist anymore due to it being wiped from the BBC Archives. Thankfully an audio recording of the episode survives on DVD.

It can be found on ‘The Christmas Specials’ DVD of ‘Dad’s Army’ as a DVD special feature. As it’s only an audio recording, no still/photographs for the mini-episode exist. On the DVD, there are set designs of the church hall used to set up the scenes with subtitles explaining what’s happening in the episode.

There are also subtitles giving behind-the-scenes information on the ‘Cornish Floral Dance’ episode. The ‘Cornish Floral Dance’ also survives in the radio version of ‘The Godiva Affair’ as well as in the ‘Dad’s Army’ stage show from the 1970s. I’ve become familiar with the ‘Cornish Floral Dance’ sketch.

The sketch itself has the ‘Dad’s Army’ team, Bill Pertwee as Chief Warden Hodges and his wardens as well as a number of ladies from the Women’s Voluntary Service to rehearse a performance of the Cornish Floral Dance. The Fred Tomlinson Singers also happen to be singing in this mini-episode. 😀

I found it funny when Jonesy came in too soon during his singing in the rehearsal. It was also funny when Wilson played the piano too soon, much to Mainwaring’s irritation who tells him to watch his stick. It was equally funny when Pike did a solo since he was singing ‘boy/girl’ instead of ‘boy’ in that.

‘Cornish Floral Dance’ (TV) rating – 7/10

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