‘Dad’s Army’ – Who’s Who


Here’s a list of who’s who in the ‘Dad’s Army’ TV series.


ARTHUR LOWE as Captain Mainwaring

George Mainwaring’s the bank manager at Walmington-on-Sea and he takes it upon himself to become leader of the Home Guard. Mainwaring’s a pompous fat little man who thinks highly of himself and always puts Wilson in his place.

JOHN LE MESURIER as Sergeant Wilson

Arthur Wilson is the chief clerk of the bank where he works for Mainwaring. Wilson becomes sergeant of the Home Guard by Mainwaring. Wilson is rather laid back and treats everyone equally and advises Mainwaring, “Do you think this is wise, sir?”

CLIVE DUNN as Lance Corporal Jones

Jack Jones the butcher is the most enthusiastic member of the Home Guard. He’s an old soldier who becomes lance corporal. Jones has catchphrases of “Don’t Panic!”, “Permission to speak, sir!” and “They don’t like it up them!” with the ‘cold steel’.

JOHN LAURIE as Private Frazer

James Frazer is the undertaker at Walmington-on-Sea and is the voice of doom. Frazer is a Scotsman who doubts Mainwaring’s leadership until he admits “I never doubted you for a moment, sir!” Frazer tends to say, “We’re doomed, doomed!” at times.

JAMES BECK as Private Walker

Joe Walker is the platoon’s spiff who can get anyone anything from knicker-elastic to cigars to bottles of black market whisky. Walker is the joker amongst the platoon and gets on Mainwaring’s nerves whenever he makes a wry remark.

ARNOLD RIDLEY as Private Godfrey

Charles Godfrey is the elderly member of the platoon and is the sweetest, nicest man you’d want to me. He’s an old gentleman who does tend to nod off in his sleep and often asks, “Do you mind if I might be excused for a minute?” to pay a ‘quick’ visit.

IAN LAVENDAR as Private Pike

Frank Pike is the youngest member of the platoon and is always regarded as a ‘stupid boy’ by Mainwaring. Pike’s rather juvenile and Sergeant Wilson happens to be his uncle who he calls ‘Uncle Arthur’. Pike is a fan of going to the cinemas and seeing films.

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