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This is an episode about Private Frazer who gets the chance to take over as captain of the Home Guard platoon for a few days. Captain Mainwaring also gets to play the bagpipes in order to pipe in the haggis at this regimental dinner. Frazer thinks Mainwaring is a fool. But will Mainwaring prove Frazer wrong?

I loved that opening scene where Mainwaring gives a lecture to the platoon about ‘knowing your enemy’. Jonesy does the slides for the projector and he mucks it up when putting one upside-down. I laughed at some of those rueful comments made by Frazer, Pike and Walker during the presentation.

Edward Sinclair guest stars as the Verger, who hampers Jones’ efforts in doing the projector for the presentation since he’s monitoring the ‘Dad’s Army’ team don’t damage the Vicar’s equipment. Bill Pertwee guest stars as Chief Warden Hodges in the episode as he interrupts during Mainwaring’s lecture.

As I indicated, this episode highlights Frazer’s characteristics in being a grumbler within Mainwaring’s platoon as well as wanting to have a position of authority. Frazer did have an opportunity to be a corporal in ‘A Stripe For Frazer’. This seems quite different as Frazer gets to be the captain for a few days.

Frazer makes changes during his temporary stance as captain of the ‘Dad’s Army’ platoon. He busts both Wilson and Jones down to the ranks of privates which is quite mean. He also promotes Walker to be sergeant and Pike to be lance corporal. He also has a word with Godfrey about his place within the platoon.

There’s a moment when Frazer greatly impresses Campbell Singer as Major-General Menzies who comes in to inspect how everything is going on in the platoon. Menzies asks Frazer to pipe in the haggis at the regimental dinner to which Frazer agrees. But Major-General Menzies assumes Frazer is Mainwaring.

Major-General Menzies meets up with Robert Raglan as the Colonel to tell him about his meeting with ‘Mainwaring’. The Colonel is surprised that Mainwaring can play the bagpipes. This episode also features Alex McAvoy as the Scottish Sergeant who gives Mainwaring the bagpipes during the specific function.

‘If The Cap Fits…’ is one of my fondest and favourite episodes from ‘Dad’s Army’. It’s one of the first early episodes I remember watching vividly on a ‘Dad’s Army’ VHS. I love the set-up of the characters in the episode. I especially found it funny when Frazer was astonished Mainwaring played the bagpipes.

‘If The Cap Fits…’ (TV) rating – 10/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

‘If The Cap Fits…’ was the second episode to be transmitted in Series 2 of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. I enjoyed the radio version of the episode since it more or less matches to the TV version. However Walker doesn’t appear in this version, so again certain lines of dialogue were given to other characters.

John Laurie stars as Frazer as he should do since this episode is dedicated to his character. There’s also Arnold Ridley as Godfrey and Ian Lavender as Pike with Mainwaring, Wilson and Jones in tow. During the lecture scene, most of Walker’s dialogue is given to Frazer when he makes some rueful comments.

Some of the rueful comments by Walker given to Frazer fits the radio episode, especially as it builds up to Frazer’s disgruntlement in being among the platoon. However the removal of Walker means there’s no Walker promoted to sergeant and Pike promoted to lance corporal as it was shown in the TV version.

Instead, Pike is the only one who gets promoted by Frazer and instead of lance corporal, he’s promoted to sergeant. Wilson and Jonesy are still busted though. There’s also no scene where Frazer has a word with Godfrey about his place in the platoon. Godfrey doesn’t get promoted to lance corporal? Shame! 😀

Edward Sinclair reprises his role as the Verger in the radio version of the episode as he appeared in the TV version. There’s more interaction and dialogue between him and Jones while the presentation occurs. However there’s no appearance of Bill Pertwee as Hodges in the radio version as it was in the TV version.

Frazer Kerr guest stars as Major-General Menzies in the radio version, instead of Campbell Singer as in the TV version. This is the first time I believe that Frazer Kerr guest stars in a radio episode of ‘Dad’s Army’. Frazer Kerr also plays the Scottish Sergeant in the episode, who gets the name MacKenzie here.

There’s no scene where Menzies meets up with the Colonel in the radio version as in the TV version. So Robert Raglan doesn’t appear sadly. Going back to the presentation scene, the moment where Jones puts up the slide of the naked African woman instead is described quite explicitly in a humorous tone.

The radio version of ‘If The Cap Fits…’ is reasonably good and sticks more or less to what was in the original TV episode. It would’ve been nice if Walker had appeared in this, but this is a good radio adaptation of a TV episode and it was quite fulfilling when Mainwaring played the bagpipes at the end.

‘If The Cap Fits…’ (Audio) rating – 8/10

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