‘Is There Honey Still For Tea?’ (TV)

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This is a very good character-driven episode! Godfrey’s cottage is to be taken down for a new aerodrome to be built. Mr. Mainwaring is faced with the difficult task of breaking the news to Godfrey. Can Jones and Frazer assist Mainwaring or is there another way to save Godfrey’s cottage?

I liked those opening scenes where Mainwaring has a new door for his office at the bank. It’s a paper door and Mainwaring’s not happy about it. The door eventually goes to pieces when the handles come off; Pike pushes his hand through the door and Jonesy pushes himself through into the office. 😀

The scenes where Mainwaring, Wilson and Pike visit Godfrey’s cottage with his two sisters were lovely to see. This is especially when Mainwaring finds it difficult to break the news to Godfrey. Pike keeps reminding him to tell Godfrey, but Mainwaring delays it before, during and after having tea. 😀

Joan Cooper guest stars as Dolly and Kathleen Saintsbury guest stars as Cissy, Godfrey’s sisters in the episode. Joan Cooper is the real-life wife of Arthur Lowe. She’s been in ‘Dad’s Army’ before, having appeared in ‘No Spring For Frazer’ and ‘Time On My Hands’. She would do two more episodes on TV.

Later on, Jonesy tries to break the news to Godfrey about his cottage whilst Frazer backs out of it. It turns out that Godfrey already knew about his cottage being taken down which surprises Jonesy. I did like how Jonesy and Godfrey discuss sharing a place and what they would hear on the wireless.

Eventually it turns out that Frazer is the one who saves Godfrey’s cottage in the episode. He phones up Campbell Singer as Sir Charles McAllister during the night and blackmails him into moving the aerodrome. It was so intriguing to see a new light in Frazer with managing to save Godfrey’s cottage.

The episode’s guest cast also includes Robert Raglan as the Colonel and Gordon Peters as the man who brings in Mainwaring’s paper door. There’s also Bill Pertwee as Chief Warden Hodges. He agreed to help move things out of Mr. Godfrey’s cottage as Mainwaring said he’d pay him £2 (a lot of money) for it.

‘Is There Honey Still For Tea’ is a lovely little episode of ‘Dad’s Army’ to see. It’s not very comical as other ‘Dad’s Army’ episodes tend to be, but it’s good on character development, especially with Mainwaring, Godfrey and Frazer. I like that it ends with Godfrey and his sisters keeping their cottage.

‘Is There Honey Still For Tea?’ (TV) rating – 8/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

‘Is There Honey Still For Tea?’ was the twenty-fifth episode transmitted in Series 3 of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. I enjoyed the radio version, though I prefer the TV version a lot more as certain scenes were cut out as well as a few characters. There’s a sense of struggle to adapt the TV episode into radio.

Joan Cooper returns to play Godfrey’s sister in the radio episode, except this time she’s Cissy not Dolly as on TV. This is unusual to hear in the radio episode. It’s been established that Godfrey only has one sister in the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series and that she is Cissy, previously portrayed by Nan Braunton.

Godfrey’s sister Cissy has been in the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series twice so far – ‘The Battle of Godfrey’s Cottage’ and ‘Branded’. Both times she was played by Nan Braunton. It makes sense to keep with the radio series’ continuity by having just Cissy as Godfrey’s only sister and for Joan Cooper to play her. 😀

This also isn’t the first time Joan Cooper has been in the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. She’d previously been in the episode ‘No Spring For Frazer’. Had the rest of the ‘Dad’s Army’ series been adapted for radio, Joan Cooper could’ve been in radio versions of ‘The Love of Three Oranges’ and ‘Never Too Old’.

I did feel that the scenes where Mainwaring, Wilson and Pike visited Godfrey and Cissy at their cottage were rather rushed, as they talk about the food provided and how much the cottage meant to Godfrey and Cissy. Godfrey’s reveal to Jonesy that he knows his cottage is being brought down is also cut short.

Fraser Kerr plays three characters in the radio version of this episode. He plays Sir Charles Renfrew-McAllister instead of Campbell Singer; the Colonel instead of Robert Raglan and the man who brings in Mainwaring’s paper door instead of Gordon Peters. That man’s very multi-talented for the radio! 🙂

As well as Dolly and Cissy merged into one sister for Godfrey as Cissy, there’s no Bill Pertwee as Chief Warden Hodges in the episode. Thus no Hodges demanding to have his money from Mainwaring. It was funny when Mainwaring made out he was brave to have a new paper door in front of the Colonel.

The episode ends differently with Godfrey and Cissy instructing their guests for tea at their cottage to hold onto the tablecloth and cutlery whilst the planes from the aerodrome flew nearby. In the TV episode, the characters were caught off by surprise when a plane flew overhead which was funnier. 🙂

‘Is There Honey Still For Tea?’ (Audio) rating – 7/10

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