‘It Sticks Out Half a Mile’ (Pilot Episode) (Audio)


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In 1982, an attempt was made to do a sequel series to ‘Dad’s Army’ on radio. This was done by Harold Snoad and Michael Knowles who worked on the radio series. The original intent was to have Arthur Lowe back as Mainwaring as well as John Le Mesurier as Wilson. This show’s setting was to be in 1948.

Sadly, Arthur Lowe died in 1982, shortly after the recording of the first pilot episode. Thus, production stopped on the series. Despite this, Arthur Lowe’s widow Joan Cooper persuaded Harold Snoad and Michael Knowles to continue with the series since Arthur liked it a lot. Thus the writers continued with it. 🙂

‘It Sticks Out Half a Mile’ is an unusual and interesting sequel to ‘Dad’s Army’. The writers had to do a rethink after making the first pilot episode, but it was interesting how the ‘Dad’s Army’ could’ve continued after the war was over. It’d be so interesting to hear what happened to our main characters.

Wilson is now the bank manager of Swallow Bank in Frambourne; not Walmington on Sea. I was confused by that. Wouldn’t it have made sense to rename the bank Martins like they did in the 1972 film? Mind you, Swallow Bank could be a branch of many banks in the UK in the 1940s just like Barclays. 😀

Mainwaring comes to Frambourne after being abroad, which didn’t suit his wife Elizabeth. 😀 He’s surprised to see Wilson as a bank manager. Mainwaring’s still his old pompous self and insists on being called Captain and not Mr. Mainwaring. He also doesn’t like being called ‘George’ by Arthur Wilson. 🙂

In the pilot episode, Mainwaring wishes to secure a loan and buy Frambourne Pier. Mainwaring and Wilson inspect the pier for themselves before getting permission to buy the pier from the Town Council. There aren’t a lot of laughs going on in this episode, but then this was the pilot episode after all.

The episode’s guest cast includes Josephine Tewson, who I’ve seen as Elizabeth in ‘Keeping Up Appearances’, as Miss Baines. There’s Anthony Sharp, who was in ‘The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker’ and ‘The Making of Private Pike’ on TV, as Charles Hunter from the Frambourne Town Council.

There’s Dougie Brown as Stephen Rawlings; Timothy Bateson as Guthrie; Sidney Brown as Percy Short and Hayden Wood as…the Man. 😀 I enjoyed the ‘It Sticks Out Half a Mile’ pilot episode with Arthur Lowe and John Le Mesurier. It’s sad Arthur Lowe died after this, but it’s good the show did carry on. 🙂

‘It Sticks Out Half a Mile’ (Pilot Episode) (Audio) rating – 8/10

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