‘Keep Young and Beautiful’ (TV)

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The ‘Dad’s Army’ team are considered for joining the ARP wardens instead of the Home Guard. Outraged by this suggestion, Captain Mainwaring and his men try to look more youthful. Mainwaring does this by purchasing and wearing a wig whilst Jonesy; Frazer and Godfrey have make-up on them.

I found it very funny when Mainwaring tries on his wig and shows it to Wilson. Wilson finds it very funny and laughs out loud, to which Mainwaring tells him not to ‘snap his gurgle’. Wilson is no better since he wears corsets on his back to make himself younger, but Mainwaring discovers this so easily.

The line-up scene where Jonesy, Frazer and Godfrey look youthful with dyed hair and make-up on their faces was very funny. Mainwaring is shocked to see this. Jonesy can’t see without his glasses; Frazer’s cheeks are puffed up with cotton wool and Godfrey’s make-up fluid stretches out his skin.

Bill Pertwee as Hodges also tries not to get into the Home Guard with Mainwaring since he uses a powder given to him by Walker to make his hair white. I found it funny when Mainwaring tries to show off his wig to the men and the wig comes off him with his hat. Jones says that he looks ‘older’.

The early scenes of Jonesy, Pike, Walker and Godfrey charging through the field with a telegraph pole were funny to watch. They mess up the exercise set up by Mainwaring and Wilson when they fail to go through some tents with the telegraph pole and when they end up falling into the river from the pole.

It was amusing when Pikey tried to find out if Mainwaring was wearing a wig underneath his hat as he meets him in his office. Pike tries to get a look by knocking over some papers onto the floor but Mainwaring finds him out. It was so amusing when Mainwaring asked Pike if he was wearing corsets.

Robert Raglan guest stars as the Colonel in this episode. I’m pretty sure his surname is Pritchard following on from his appearances in Series 4. The Colonel seems to be rather pleased with Mainwaring’s efforts by preventing his men getting transferred from the Home Guard into the ARP.

‘Keep Young and Beautiful’ is one of the best episodes of ‘Dad’s Army’ ever made! It shows how determined the ‘Dad’s Army’ team are in trying to not get themselves recruited into the ARP. They end up looking ridiculous, but thankfully none of them get picked and in time before it starts to rain.

‘Keep Young and Beautiful’ (TV) rating – 9/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

‘Keep Young and Beautiful’ was the fourth episode to be transmitted in Series 3 of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. It was also the first ‘Dad’s Army’ radio episode I heard properly for the first time on a CD. It was on Volume 16 with ‘The Captain’s Car’, ‘The Two and a Half Feathers’ and ‘Turkey Dinner’.

It was surreal listening to a ‘Dad’s Army’ radio episode properly for the first time and I enjoyed it. It was when my parents and I were on holiday in Bath that I listened to the ‘Dad’s Army’ Volume 16 CD in the car. With that said, the radio version of ‘Keep Young and Beautiful’ is very different to the TV one.

Larry Martyn stars as Private Walker in the episode along with the rest of the regular ‘Dad’s Army’ cast. There’s also Michael Burlington as the Wig Maker, who is a character that Mainwaring talks to on the phone in an entirely new scene for the radio episode when he’s placing an order for a toupee.

None of the characters from the TV version of ‘Keep Young and Beautiful’ are in the radio version of the episode. Bill Pertwee doesn’t appear as Chief Warden Hodges; Robert Raglan doesn’t appear as the Colonel and none of the Parliament characters are in this. Thus certain scenes are omitted here.

I noticed there were sections of dialogue from other ‘Dad’s Army’ episodes included in this radio version of ‘Keep Young and Beautiful’. This includes dialogue with Walker and Pike in ‘The Test’ as well as dialogue between Jones, Frazer and Godfrey adapted from ‘Fallen Idol’ on Jones’ back-story.

There are some scenes reordered in the radio version of ‘Keep Young and Beautiful’ compared to the TV version. This includes the ‘Eeny, meeny, miny, moe’ scene with Pike, Walker, Frazer and Godfrey placed before the scene where Mainwaring demonstrates his wig to Wilson in the church hall office.

Incidentally, when I heard the ‘Eeny, meeny, miny, moe’ scene on the Volume 16 CD, Pike used the word ‘nigger’ when picking who’s to go into Mainwaring’s office to check his wig. In the version I heard for the complete Series 3 of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series, the word ‘nigger’ gets omitted here.

I enjoyed the build-up to the reveal of Mainwaring’s wig come off with his hat when he showed it to his men in the radio version. The episode’s climax where Mainwaring gets Jones, Frazer and Godfrey to remove the make-up off by looking straight into the rain when it came down was weakly handled.

‘Keep Young and Beautiful’ (Audio) rating – 7/10

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