‘Knights of Madness’ (TV)

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I like this episode and it’s probably my favourite out of Series 9. Captain Mainwaring and his men take part in the ‘Wings for Victory’ week by doing a re-enactment of St. George and the Dragon. Chief Warden Hodges has the same idea and soon two St. Georges and two dragons fight each other.

I found it very funny when Mainwaring tried to wear a proper suit of armour and has problems with it. He has to be hoisted onto the horse by his men and even falls off the horse before he even fights against the dragon. I love the rehearsal scenes where Pike does slapstick comedy with Mainwaring.

The dragon made by the ‘Dad’s Army’ is very impressive, especially when Jones and the men have to wear it. It was funny when Private Sponge and the others come apart from Jones wearing the dragon’s head. It was also very funny when they tried out the dragon pouring smoke from its mouth.

It doesn’t work with Jones and the men inside and they soon take off the suit, coughing and spluttering. Going back to the slapstick, I enjoyed it when Jonesy opened ‘doors’ in Mainwaring’s knight helmet to speak to him. Pike ‘shuts’ the doors in Mainwaring’s helmet and it causes him pain!

The actual ‘Wings for Victory’ day was fun to watch. I liked it when the ‘Dad’s Army’ team as St. George and the Dragon come after the Morris Dancers before Hodges and the Wardens interrupt them as St. George and the Dragon. I found it funny when the Town Clerk commentated on the fight.

The episode features many of the ‘Dad’s Army’ cast gathered for a committee meeting, but surprisingly not Mrs. Fox. The guest cast includes Janet Davies as Mrs. Pike, who encourages her son to wear a Squander Bug outfit. Pike feels uncomfortable wearing the outfit. He’s let off wearing it. 😀

Bill Pertwee also plays Chief Warden Hodges as well as Frank Williams as the Vicar and Edward Sinclair as the Verger. There’s also Colin Bean as Private Sponge; Olive Mercer as Mrs. Yeatman, the Verger’s wife; Eric Longworth as the Town Clerk and Fred McNaughton as the Major. All are superb!

‘Knights of Madness’ is a really funny episode. I feel it’s the best one out of Series 9, especially during the episode’s climax. It was also funny when Pike dressed as a Squander Bug and didn’t like before dressing up as a herald and still not liking. Thankfully Pike saves the day with his own pea-shooter. 😀

‘Knights of Madness’ (TV) rating – 9/10

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