‘Man Hunt’ (TV)

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In this episode, the ‘Dad’s Army’ team gain a tracker dog to help them track down Nazi parachutists in Walmington-on-Sea. Meanwhile, Private Walker admits to Captain Mainwaring that he had sold eight dozen pairs of ladies’ knickers made from a parachute. But was this a British or a German one?

This is an enjoyable and funny episode where Walker gets some attention in the episode. Mainwaring tells his men about identifying parachutes from British to German and whether they’re white or cream. Walker informs Mainwaring he has found one after he sold them as ladies’ knickers.

Mainwaring is shocked and soon he, Wilson and Walker knock at street houses’ doors to enquire about this. They don’t get much success and upsets people. It was funny when Mainwaring got smacked in the face by Mrs. Yeatman, the Verger’s wife in this. Wilson managed to meet a sexy lady.

Olive Mercer guest stars as Mrs. Yeatman in the episode, although she’s credited as the Fierce Lady instead. Did Jimmy Perry and David Croft forget Olive Mercer was playing Mrs. Yeatman by this point in the series? 😀 Miranda Hampton guest stars as the ‘sexy lady’ whom Wilson manages to meet.

The episode also features Robert Moore as the ‘large man’ and Leon Cortez as the ‘small man’, whom Mainwaring, Wilson and Walker meet at their front doors and have little success in asking what they want. Bill Pertwee also guest stars as Chief Warden Hodges as he hears about what’s been going on.

The tracker dog scenes were very enjoyable. I liked it when Mainwaring and his men try the dog to follow the scent of Jones’ jacket when he’s playing the part of a saboteur who has blown up the town hall instead of the bank. It was funny when Mainwaring told Jones to change it in the practice.

The dog’s name is Bran and he’s a very good dog actor, although he is relaxed on the floor a lot. 😀 Janet Davies guest stars as Mrs. Pike in the episode who happens to have the last pair of Walker’s knickers on her. There is also Patrick Tull as ‘the suspect’ and Robert Aldous as the German pilot in this.

‘Man Hunt’ is a good ‘Dad’s Army’ episode that touches upon Walker’s character. I enjoyed the chase scenes with the tracker dog in the episode, especially when finding a Pekingese Dog that had me laugh. 😀 The episode does end abruptly with the German pilot giving himself up. That was disappointing.

‘Man Hunt’ (TV) rating – 9/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

‘The Great White Hunter’ is the seventh episode in Series 3 of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. It’s also the radio adaptation of ‘Man Hunt’ from the TV series. I’m not sure why the episode’s title was changed into ‘The Great White Hunter’ instead of ‘Man Hunt’. The radio does focus on the dog mind.

Most of what’s been adapted from TV is there in the radio version. However there is the omission of the ‘Dad’s Army’ team chasing after the presumed German parachutist from TV into radio. Thus the suspect and the German pilot characters don’t appear in this. I suppose it’d be tricky to do on audio.

Larry Martyn stars as Walker and rightly he gets the attention as the character did in the TV version. I enjoyed how Larry Martyn played Walker’s role in the radio episode compared to James Beck. I wouldn’t say it’s better, but I enjoyed him with Mainwaring and Wilson in knocking at people’s doors.

Pearl Hackney guest stars as Mrs. Pike in the radio episode. It was amusing when Mrs. Pike turned up to join the crowd of people who complained about Mainwaring, Wilson and Walker knocking at people’s doors for ladies’ knickers. She says “How dare you, Arthur!” That was not in the TV episode.

Mrs. Pike comes in twice to interrupt the ‘Dad’s Army’ team with their training dog. The first time was when she complained about the training dog and demanding it not to go anywhere near Frank. The second time was when she thanked Wilson for giving her the aniseed balls in the radio episode.

Yeah, that’s something that wasn’t in the TV version of the episode. In the radio version, the tracker dog goes for Mrs. Pike who has her aniseed balls. She gets knocked over by the dog, revealing that her knickers were made from the parachute Walker found and they’re white. Then the episode ends.

Elizabeth Morgan guest stars as the housewife (not the fierce lady or Mrs. Yeatman as in the TV version – actually now I come to think of it, Mrs. Yeatman hasn’t been in the radio series at all) and the sexy lady whom Wilson meets. Fraser Kerr guest stars as the policeman and the ‘large man’ here.

Yeah Bill Pertwee doesn’t appear as Chief Warden Hodges in the radio version as he did in the TV version. Thus the policeman takes Hodges’ place when people complain. The episode also has the cocoa and treacle tins communication scenes transferred from the TV episode of ‘Uninvited Guests’.

‘The Great White Hunter’ (Audio) rating – 9/10

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