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In this episode, the ‘Dad’s Army’ team hope to give a warm welcome to the Americans who come to visit them in Walmington-on-Sea. But things don’t go according to plan, as the Americans charm up the ladies and the ‘Dad’s Army’ team are jealous. Pretty soon, a brawl is ensued at the Red Lion pub.

This episode features the first appearance of Talfryn Thomas as Mr. Cheeseman, the Welsh photographer in the TV series. Talfryn Thomas would return to play Cheeseman as a semi-regular in the series in an attempt to replace Walker after James Beck sadly died towards the end of Series 6.

Alan Tilvern also guest stars as Colonel Schultz, the American colonel that brings the ‘Yanks’ to Walmington-on-Sea. Alan previously guest starred as Captain Rodrigeus in ‘Battle School’ and was in the ‘Doctor Who’ story, ‘Planet of Giants’. He also appeared in the film ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’.

In the episode, Colonel Schultz accidentally punches Mainwaring twice. First it’s in the left eye when Hodges makes insults at Colonel Schultz. Second it’s in the right eye when Jones makes an insult to Schultz. Cheeseman the photographer takes the photos of Mainwaring being punched by Schultz. 😀

I really like how this episode reflects on the Americans’ involvement in the Second World War and how the ‘Dad’s Army’ team get to meet them. There is an element of truth in that the British and the American troops didn’t get on so well when they met and fought in the war against the Nazi hordes.

There’s also the element of the ‘Dad’s Army’ team getting jealous of the Americans charming the ladies. Pamela Cundell guest stars as Mrs. Fox as well as Janet Davies as Mrs. Pike and Wendy Richard as Shirley, Walker’s girlfriend. Suzanne Kerchiss guest stars as Ivy Samways, Pike’s girlfriend.

Ivy speaks so quietly that she can never be heard as established in ‘Mum’s Army’. Interestingly, Suzanne Kerchiss was married to Ian Lavender at the time of this episode. There’s also Frank Williams as the Vicar; Edward Sinclair as the Verger and Robert Raglan as the Colonel in this episode.

‘My British Buddy’ is a good episode of the TV series. I enjoyed how the ‘Dad’s Army’ team try to be friendly to the Americans and it ends in disaster. There are plenty of amusing moments between the characters interacting with each other. It’s funny the ‘Dad’s Army’ fought the Americans over the ladies.

‘My British Buddy’ (TV) rating – 8/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

‘My British Buddy’ is the tenth episode in Series 3 of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. This was an interestingly enjoyable radio adaptation of the ‘Dad’s Army’ TV episode from Series 6. There are some notable differences between the TV and radio versions in terms of casting and the omission of characters.

The episode features Larry Martyn as Private Walker as usual in the radio series. What’s interesting is that Cheeseman doesn’t make a debut appearance in the radio episode as opposed to the TV episode. Thankfully with Larry Martyn as Walker in the radio series, there is no need for Cheeseman to appear.

Mind you, I’m curious why they didn’t bring back Jonathan Cecil as Mr. Norris from the radio version of ‘A Man of Action’ to do the news report on the Americans meeting the Home Guard in Walmington-on-Sea. They do give an explanation for why the news reporter didn’t turn up to do the article anyway.

Apparently there was only one news reporter and it was a toss up between the Americans meeting the ‘Dad’s Army’ team and a production of ‘The Gondoliers’. Makes me wonder how the brawls ensued between ‘Dad’s Army’ team and Americans got reported with no reporter and no photographer.

Bill Pertwee reprises his role as Chief Warden Hodges in the episode, but surprisingly there’s no Frank Williams as the Vicar and no Edward Sinclair as the Verger in this. There’s also no Robert Raglan as the Colonel in the radio episode. Pike’s girlfriend, Ivy Samways, doesn’t appear in this either which is strange.

Jack Watson plays Colonel Schultz in the radio version of this episode. I’m surprised Alan Tilvern didn’t reprise his role as Schultz for the radio version of this episode. He played Captain Rodrigues in the radio version of ‘Battle School’ and he later guest starred in the radio version of ‘We Know Our Onions’.

There’s also Pearl Hackney as Mrs. Pike instead of Janet Davies as in the TV version and there’s Mollie Sugden as Mrs. Fox instead of Pamela Cundell as in the TV version. Wendy Richard reprises her role as Shirley, Walker’s girlfriend in the radio episode. An interesting point about Shirley in the radio episode.

Walker states that Shirley works in the fish and chips shop in the radio version of this episode. I thought she worked as an usherette at a cinema. I mean, okay that was Edith Parish in ‘Mum’s Army’, but I assumed Edith and Shirley were the same. Michael Middleton plays the American Sergeant in this audio.

‘My British Buddy’ (Audio) rating – 8/10

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