‘Never Too Old’ (TV)

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This is the last episode of the ‘Dad’s Army’ TV series. The series ends on a happy note with Lance Corporal Jones getting married to Mrs Fox. I first saw this episode on the very first ‘Very Best of ‘Dad’s Army’ DVD before I watched the complete ‘Dad’s Army’ series on DVD, which is quite unusual.

It’s rather fitting that the TV series ends with a Jonesy episode as he’s a well-beloved character. Clive Dunn excels as Jonesy in this and he’s lucky to get married to Pamela Cundell as Mrs. Fox who is equally very good. The comedic and romantic aspects of Jones and Mrs. Fox’s relationship work well.

Everybody has been invited to the wedding of Jonesy and Mrs. Fox, including Bill Pertwee as Chief Warden Hodges who is ‘a friend of the bride’. There’s also Frank Williams as the Vicar and Edward Sinclair as the Verger. The Verger insists there must be ‘no confetti’ at the wedding. Nobody listens!

It was funny when confetti gets thrown about. The Vicar says, “Mr. Yeatman, I thought you said no confetti!” Then the Verger throws it in his face. 😀 The episode also features Joan Cooper, Arthur Lowe’s real-life,wife as Dolly, Godfrey’s sister. There’s also Janet Davies as Mrs. Pike in the episode.

Mrs. Pike gets to be the matron of honour at the wedding for Mrs. Fox whilst Captain Mainwaring gets to give Mrs. Fox away at the ceremony. Jonesy dresses up in his red regimental uniform and Wilson dresses up in his old First World War captain’s uniform to be Jonesy’s best man at the wedding.

After the speeches made by Mainwaring, Jonesy and Wilson; Mainwaring receives a phone call from Robert Raglan as the Colonel who alerts the Home Guard that there’s an invasion alert on. This abruptly ends the wedding celebrations. Fortunately, it’s revealed to be a false alarm in the episode.

The episode ends with Captain Mainwaring and his men paying tribute to Britain’s Home Guard. It was a fitting way to end the episode especially as the ‘Dad’s Army’ team toast with cups of champagne. They speak to us as an audience, breaking the fourth wall, which is touching and sweet.

‘Never Too Old’ is a great episode to end ‘Dad’s Army’ on a high. It’s sad that it did end after nine seasons, but ‘Dad’s Army’ is one of the well-loved and cherished BBC TV sitcoms ever made. Nothing can match to the writing standards and performances of the cast in this war-time, feel-good sitcom.

On Disc 13 of ‘The Complete ‘Dad’s Army’ DVD collection’, there’s ‘We Are The Boys…Ian Lavender’, focusing on the actor who played Pike in the series. There’s also a photo gallery of Series 9.

‘Never Too Old’ (TV) rating – 8/10

‘Dad’s Army’: Series 9 – 7/10

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