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In this episode, Jonesy, Pike, Frazer and Godfrey are sent on guard duty at a lighthouse. They get into trouble when they accidentally switch the lighthouse beacon on. Captain Mainwaring, Wilson and Walker need to contact Jones and the other men to switch the light off once an air raid occurs at night.

This is one of my favourite episodes of ‘Dad’s Army’ in Series 4. I liked the scenes in the lighthouse where Jones, Pike, Frazer and Godfrey arrive. I liked that moment Jones says 2,000 hours and Frazer corrects him that it’s 20:00 hours. Jones just tells him “Silence!” That had me amused when I heard it.

I also enjoyed it when Frazer tells the story of the squid thing attacking the lighthouse. Pike believes it to be real. It was tense when they accidentally turned the lighthouse beacon on and go around and around to cover it with bandits fixed and a blanket on top. I laughed when they switched the horn on.

I liked it when Mainwaring is on the phone to the telephone operator, Avril Angers as Freda. Incidentally, Avril Angers appeared in ‘Dad’s Army’ before in ‘The Lion Has ‘Phones’ and has also been in the radio series. Not really sure if she plays the same telephone operator as in ‘The Lion Has ‘Phones’.

Mainwaring asks Freda to reconnect the telephone line to the lighthouse from where he is at the ice cream parlour. Freda is obviously confused and doesn’t get what Mainwaring is saying. Thankfully Walker is on hand since he knows Freda well. He tells her what Mainwaring wants and she does it. 😀

Bill Pertwee guest stars as Chief Warden Hodges in the episode and he goes pretty ballistic when Mainwaring’s men accidentally turn on the lighthouse beacon when an air raid’s going on. Stuart Sherwin also guest stars as Mr. Alberts, the 2nd ARP Warden who has appeared in ‘Dad’s Army’ before.

Gordon Peter guest stars as the lighthouse keeper in the episode. He’s not much help to Mainwaring when he has the lighthouse key to get into the generator room for Jonesy and the others to switch off the lighthouse beacon. He also seems to have a pretty nasty cough and he demonstrates it to Mainwaring.

‘Put That Light Out!’ is a great episode and it lives up to the title. It’s good that Warden Hodges says it in the episode since that’s his famous catchphrase. I loved the tension and the comedy balanced in this story as night guard duty for Jones’ men goes wrong and Mainwaring and the others get to sort it out.

‘Put That Light Out!’ (TV) rating – 9/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

This is the third episode transmitted in Series 2 of ‘Dad’s Army’. I like the radio version of ‘Put That Light Out!’ very much. It more or less matches to what’s in the original TV version. There are omissions of scenes and moments from the TV version and some of the moments from TV into radio are altered.

But it’s still an enjoyable audio adaptation of the TV episode and I’m glad I got to hear it. The biggest difference from the TV version to the radio version of the episode is that Walker’s not in it. Yeah! Walker doesn’t appear in the audio episode with some key scenes changed and some scenes omitted.

This includes the omission of Walker excusing himself from attending night patrol at the lighthouse and accompanying Mainwaring and Wilson to see how they can get the lighthouse beacon to be switched off. It’s also Wilson who gets through to Avril Angers as the telephone operator, not Walker.

I actually think it’s clever for Wilson to do the connecting with Avril Angers’ telephone operator character, as he’s just as much a charmer to the ladies as Walker is. What will Mrs. Pike say? 😀 There’s also a bit of background given as on how Wilson and Avril Angers’ telephone operator met each other.

Incidentally, I believe the name of Avril Angers’ telephone operator character is different compared to the TV version. In the TV version, she was simply called Freda. In the radio version, she had a forename and a surname as Mainwaring was about to report her. Can’t recall what those names were though.

Bill Pertwee guest stars as Chief Warden Hodges just as he played the character in the TV episode. There’s also Stuart Sherwin as the lighthouse keeper in the radio episode, not Gordon Peters as in the TV version. I’m pretty certain Stuart Sherwin played Mr. Alberts, the 2nd ARP Warden for radio.

There’s the omission of Mainwaring getting his face blackened after he, Wilson and Walker attempt to put out the lighthouse transformer in the TV episode. There’s also the omission of the horn sounding off. I found it funny in the TV episode, but I suppose it isn’t in the radio version due to timing.

There’s also the omission of Godfrey making animal shadows with the lighthouse’s beacon just as Mainwaring is about to open fire on the lighthouse with the Lewis Gun. Overall, the radio version of ‘Put That Light Out!’ is good. It’s a shame Walker’s not in it, but the changes made to radio are well-suited.

‘Put That Light Out!’ (Audio) rating – 8/10

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