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In this episode, Private Pike gets caught and trapped in a net of barbed wire. This is in the midst of a mine field on the Walmington-on-Sea beach. Can Captain Mainwaring and the ‘Dad’s Army’ platoon save Private Pike’s life before the tide comes in? They will have to avoid mines in order to achieve this.

They also have to go down on the ground and make their way through the sand on the beach to get through the mine field unscathed. This episode is quite tense when the ‘Dad’s Army’ team have to rescue Pike from certain death. Despite Mainwaring calling Pike ‘a stupid boy’, it’s noble of him to rescue him.

Mind you, Mainwaring did say something about it’ll ‘serves him right’ for making an idiotic move like that. Thankfully it’s Frazer who points out that Pike will drown as the tide will soon be coming in. From that point on, Mainwaring makes every effort to rescue Pike with the other ‘Dad’s Army’ men to assist.

Janet Davies makes an appearance as Mrs Pike in the episode. Mrs. Pike frets over her son Frank Pike being in trouble which does not help. I liked it when the ‘Dad’s Army’ team plan and work out a way to rescue Pike, as they use flags to mark their way on the sand as well as using bandits to prod for mines.

It was funny when Mainwaring and Wilson work together to prod their way through the mine-field. Mainwaring gets annoyed with Wilson when he prods and moves away some sand so gently; delicately and not urgently like he does so. Mainwaring also becomes annoyed when Jones gets on his nerves.

Of course, the ‘Dad’s Army’ team could have got to Pike easily like Godfrey did since he managed to reach him from the other side. It was rather odd that Godfrey didn’t tell Mainwaring about that way since it would have saved them a lot of time going through the mine field in order to avoid those mines.

Mind you, I suppose they had to drag Pike out of the sand as the boy would’ve been in too much pain to walk. It could’ve caused an accident. Bill Pertwee guest stars as Chief Warden Hodges and Michael Knowles guest stars as an Engineer Officer in this episode. The ‘Dad’s Army’ team find a mine at the story’s end.

‘Sgt – Save My Boy!’ is quite a tense episode with the ‘Dad’s Army’ team rescuing Pike from a mine field. It’s not as funny as other ‘Dad’s Army’ episodes and Mainwaring is sometimes rather harsh with Jonesy, telling him to ‘shut up’ at times. It got very tense when the team do find a mine at the episode’s conclusion.

‘Sgt – Save My Boy!’ (TV) rating – 6/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

‘Sgt – Save My Boy’ was the fifth episode transmitted in Series 2 of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. It’s more or less on par with its TV counterpart. It sticks to how the plot goes in the TV episode and isn’t as funny it should be. With that said, a lot of funny moments from the TV version are lost within this audio.

Once again, Walker doesn’t make an appearance in the radio version of ‘Sgt – Save My Boy’. Thus a lot of lines that were given to Walker in the TV version are given to other characters in the radio version like Jones, Frazer, Godfrey and Mrs. Pike. There are some notable examples connected with this.

In the radio version, instead of Mainwaring saying “And in the skies above us are…” with Walker jokingly saying “The Brylcreem boys!”; this gets replaced with Jones responding “Seagulls!” to Mainwaring’s line. This is actually funny to hear especially when Mainwaring gives a response to Jones.

I would’ve thought though that Pike or even Frazer could’ve said that line of “The Brylcreem boys!”. But of course Pike is late coming in for the briefing in the first scene of the episode and I suppose “The Brylcreem boys!” line wouldn’t suit Frazer’s character. Mrs. Pike also says a Walker line in this episode.

Pearl Hackney guest stars as Mrs. Pike by the way. The line Mrs. Pike gets in the radio version from Walker in the TV version is when she identifies the kids’ bucket in the sand with ‘Welcome to Walmington!’ on it. Mrs. Pike gets to have an active role in the episode when she accompanies the platoon.

In fact, Mrs. Pike gets to say some of Chief Warden Hodges’ and the Engineer Officer’s lines at the end of the episode before the ‘Dad’s Army’ platoon discover the mine in the sand at the end. This is because Bill Pertwee and Michael Knowles don’t appear in the radio episode compared to the TV episode.

There’s less of Mainwaring telling Jones to ‘shut up’ in the radio version compared to the TV version. Although Jonesy is still clueless as to why Mainwaring would treat him this way. The calls for “Help!” that Pike makes when he’s in the mine field sound more urgent compared to how he did it in the TV episode.

There’s the omission of Mainwaring getting impatient with Wilson when he’s slow on coming to see him outside the hut after falling asleep. There’s also the omission of Mainwaring demonstrating to his men how to put a forage cap on his head as Wilson struggled with his. Overall, this radio episode is decent.

‘Sgt – Save My Boy’ (Audio) rating – 6/10

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