‘Shooting Pains’ (TV)

Dad's Army


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In the last episode of Series 1, the ‘Dad’s Army’ team get chosen to be the guard of honour for the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, as he’s coming to visit Walmington-on-Sea. But Martin Wyldeck as Major Regan doesn’t have any confidence in the Walmington-on-Sea platoon when on the firing range.

Major Regan agrees to have the ‘Dad’s Army’ team put to the test when he gives them a shooting competition with the Eastgate Platoon. Mainwaring and Wilson become downhearted. Walker suggests that he, Mainwaring, Wilson and Janet Davies as Mrs. Pike go and see a variety performance.

The episode’s highlight is when Walker gets a girl, who’s good with a gun, to dress up as a platoon member. It was funny to see the men dressing the girl up in a platoon uniform and when she does her normal ‘routine’ during the shooting match. The girl with her gun is…Barbara Windsor as Laura La Plaz.

Barbara Windsor is well-known for playing Peggy in ‘Eastenders’. In the episode, Laura La Plaz gets dressed as a man and goes under the name Private Paderofsky. There’s also co-writer Jimmy Perry as Charles Cheeseman; Caroline Dowdeswell as Janet King and Thérèse McMurray as Walker’s girlfriend.

I liked it when the ‘Dad’s Army’ team step forward to protest being in the company of Major Regan in the episode. They dislike him following the events of ‘The Showing Up of Corporal Jones’. It’s interesting to see Regan as a protagonist in ‘Dad’s Army’, even though he appears in only two episodes.

I found it funny when Jonesy, Pike, Walker and Frazer kept waving the flag to tell Major Regan that he missed during the shooting practice. It was also funny when Jones got used as a dummy during the practice. It turns out Frazer is a good shot with his rifle at the shooting match, but he wasn’t asked. 😀

‘Shooting Pains’ is a nice conclusion to Series 1 of the ‘Dad’s Army’ TV show. I liked how the episode ended with Mainwaring’s platoon providing the guard of honour and Winston Churchill (from the rear) coming to visit them. It is amazing that ‘Dad’s Army’ managed to continue from its first season on TV.

There isn’t a radio episode provided for ‘Shooting Pains’, although some of the TV episode was adapted for the radio version of ‘Battle of the Giants!’, renamed ‘Present Arms’. In the radio episode, Barbara Windsor doesn’t appear. Her character gets replaced by a man who happens to be a good shot.

Shooting Pains’ (TV) rating – 7/10

Dad’s Army: Series 1′ (TV) rating – 8/10

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