‘Something Nasty in the Vault’ (TV)

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In this episode, an unexploded bomb hits the Walmington-on-Sea bank. Mainwaring and Wilson get caught in holding the bomb in the vault after it fell through the floor of Mr. Mainwaring’s office. Jones and the others have to rescue them before the bomb explodes. Can Mainwaring and Wilson be saved?

This is a great episode featuring some character development between Mainwaring and Wilson. They are put in a dangerous situation and they’re both afraid. I liked it when Jones and the rest of the ‘Dad’s Army’ team do everything they can in order to rescue them and not to leave them while in peril.

I found it funny when Jones and the ‘Dad’s Army’ team build a pulley in Mainwaring’s office in order to pull the unexploded bomb up from Mainwaring and Wilson in the vault. It was funny and tense when Jonesy went down with that pulley and he came back up again with the bomb between his legs.

Robert Dorning guest stars as Mr. West, the bank inspector who visits Mainwaring at his bank. West is a highly-strung man and it isn’t helped when a bomb falls through into the bank and into the vault. Norman Mitchell guest stars as Captain Rogers from the Bomb Disposal squad who comes to help out.

The quiet scenes between Mainwaring and Wilson are great to watch. I like how they admit to each other that they’re afraid whilst holding the bomb together. Wilson also gets an itch in his nose and Mainwaring helps to scratch it. That moment was not in the radio version which was so disappointing.

I also liked it when Mainwaring told a bad joke about an Australian to help cheer Wilson up during a dark moment. At least Mainwaring does have a sense of humour of sorts. 😀 I also liked it when Godfrey gave Mainwaring and Wilson cups of coffees before he mixes up them with one having sugar.

It was funny when people like Jones, Pike and Hodges look through the hole to see Mainwaring and Wilson holding the bomb together and they ask, “Is that a bomb you’re holding?” At one point, Mainwaring gets fed with people asking that and says he’ll go mad if anyone asks him that again. That was very funny.

‘Something Nasty in the Vault’ is a great ‘Dad’s Army’ episode! I love the quiet scenes between Mainwaring and Wilson when they’re holding the bomb together in the vault. I also loved it when Jones and the others remain fiercely loyal as they help Mainwaring and Wilson and don’t abandon them.

‘Something Nasty in the Vault’ (TV) rating – 8/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

This was the twelfth episode transmitted in Series 1 of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. I listened to this with the radio version of ‘Sgt. Wilson’s Little Secret’ on a ‘Dad’s Army’ vinyl-styled CD once. The opening and closing music for those episodes weren’t on that CD. Thankfully they’re on the original audios.

The episode features Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier and Clive Dunn in their main ‘Dad’s Army’ roles. The other members are John Laurie as Private Frazer and Ian Lavender as Private Pike. Sadly Godfrey and Walker aren’t in the episode. Arnold Ridley probably wasn’t available and James Beck had sadly died.

Apparently, according to this episode, it’s been a year since the ‘Dad’s Army’ team was formed since ‘The Man and the Hour’. A year has passed since this radio series began?! You could’ve fooled me! It’s only been twelve episodes and a year’s gone by! I would have waited until the first season was finished!

Because of the lack of Walker, a lot of scenes were cut out from the TV episode into the radio version. This includes the first bank scenes where Walker gives in a fake five pound note and where he steals pound notes from the vault. There’s also the removal of Walker’s seeming cowardice in the TV episode.

John Barron guest stars as Mr. West, the bank inspector, instead of Robert Dorning in the radio episode. John Barron is known for playing the Dean in the BBC sitcom series, ‘All Gas & Gaiters’. This is the first time John Barron appears in the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series and he’s pretty good in this episode.

Frank Thornton guest stars as Captain Rogers, instead of Norman Mitchell in the radio episode. Frank Thornton is well-known for playing Captain Peacock in the BBC sitcom series, ‘Are You Being Served?’ It was surreal to hear him in this radio episode of ‘Dad’s Army’. I’m certain he’ll pop up now and again.

Bill Pertwee also makes an appearance as Chief Warden Hodges as he did in the TV version of this episode. Elizabeth Morgan also guest stars as Janet King in the episode. Hmm, I don’t think Janet King made a first appearance in ‘The Man and the Hour’. So I assume she makes her first appearance here.

This radio version of ‘Something Nasty in the Vault’ isn’t as good as the TV version. It would’ve been nice if Walker and Godfrey made an appearance. Pike gives the coffee  cups to Mainwaring and Wilson instead of Godfrey. The episode ends abruptly with Mainwaring and Wilson getting out from the vault.

‘Something Nasty in the Vault’ (Audio) rating – 7/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Something Nasty in the Vault’ (TV)

  1. Rob Keeley

    Uncle Arthur… do you think I ought to phone Mum and tell her you’re holding a bomb?
    NO!!! 🙂

    This was apparently John le Mesurier’s favourite episode and I can see why. It’s a great two-hander but has great roles for the rest of the platoon too. Two moments I love: Mainwaring’s doom-laden joke about the Australian soldier (funnily, the BBC’s colour copy of this episode was recovered from Australia!) and the scene where he risks his life to scratch Wilson’s nose for him! You realise he must really care about him or at least need him, for all the annoyances and frustrations he causes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Hi Rob.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this episode.

    Thanks for letting me know that this is John Le Mesurier’s favourite episode from the series. It certainly is a great two-hander between Mainwaring and Wilson and it’s nice that they share some warm-hearted scenes whilst holding the bomb, especially with those two moments of the Australian joke and scratching Wilson’s nose that you just mentioned.

    Tim. 🙂



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