‘The Enemy Within The Gates’ (TV)

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In this episode, Corporal Jones, Private Walker and Private Pike are out on patrol at night. They are to capture any Nazi parachutists invading British lands. After shooting a swan from the river, the three men soon capture two Luftwaffe German pilots before they take them back to the church hall.

This is a pretty amusing episode to watch from the ‘Dad’s Army’ series. I loved the interplay between Jones, Walker and Pike and the build up to when they shot the swan. It’s very funny. Also when they find the German pilots was funny to watch. Apparently there’s a reward for capturing German pilots.

Walker gets to stand out in this episode and express his spiv colours. He hears about this reward for capturing German parachutists alive and well and likes it. I liked it when he reacts to there being two German pilots worth £20 and found it funny when he manages to get the Polish officer arrested too.

Yes! A Polish officer makes an appearance in this episode. This is Carl Jaffe as Captain Winogrodzki. He’s easily mistaken by Mainwaring and his men for being a German spy with his strong Polish accent. He also finds the ‘Dad’s Army’ team stupid in assuming that he might really be a German spy.

Bill Pertwee guest stars as Warden Hodges in the episode. This is his second appearance following his debut in ‘The Man and the Hour’. Hodges gets annoyed when Mainwaring and his men keep putting a light on in Mainwaring’s office. It’s funny that he makes that mistake too leaving the office.

The German pilots are played by Denys Peeks and Nigel Rideout. There are English subtitles provided in the episode for when they speak German. The episode also features Caroline Dowdeswell as Janet King and David Davenport as the Military Police Sergeant coming to collect the two German pilots. 🙂

I liked those moments where the ‘Dad’s Army’ team almost lose their two German pilots at the church hall. Godfrey is responsible for taking them to the gents before making the mistake of losing them. Thankfully the German pilots get bought back again by Winogrodzki before he gets taken too.

‘The Enemy Within The Gates’ is a fine episode in Series 1 of ‘Dad’s Army’. Surprisingly Frazer doesn’t appear in the second half of the episode when the German pilots get captured. I wonder where he went. I like how the episode ends with Walker offering to provide a meal of roast swan to the team.

‘The Enemy Within The Gates’ (TV) rating – 8/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

‘The Enemy Within The Gates’ was the fourth episode transmitted in the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. It’s also the last episode to chronologically match to the order of the episodes in the TV series. The next episode after this would begin a random order of ‘Dad’s Army’ episodes in the radio series. Bizarre! 😀

The radio episode features James Beck as Walker, Arnold Ridley as Godfrey and Ian Lavender as Pike as you would expect. But this episode doesn’t feature John Laurie as Frazer. Let’s be honest, Frazer didn’t do much in the second half of the TV episode. Thus, his non-appearance here is understandable.

Because of Frazer’s absence, dialogue meant for him in the TV episode is given to Walker instead. The episode also doesn’t feature the Miss King character. I wonder what would’ve happened if Miss King did appear in the radio series? I think Miss King should’ve stayed in the TV series in that secretary role.

Carl Jaffe guest stars as Captain Winogrodzki, the Polish officer in the episode. Carl Jaffe also played Winogrodzki in the TV version of the episode. This makes him the second actor to have played the same character in both the TV version and radio version of a ‘Dad’s Army’ episode. Pretty amazing! 😀

The first actor to have played the same character in both TV and radio versions of the same episode was in ‘Museum Piece’ with Jones’ dad played by Eric Woodburn. There’s also David Sinclair who plays ‘everybody else’ according to ‘The Enemy Within The Gates’ radio episode’s end credits. So specific! 😀

David Sinclair plays characters like the German airman and the Military Police Sergeant. Interestingly, in the radio version of the episode, there is only one German airman captured. This is different in the TV episode since it was two German airmen that got captured. I do wonder why it wasn’t two airmen.

Perhaps the budget for this radio episode couldn’t afford two actors to play two German airmen. It’s a shame. Only £20 pounds is given to Walker and the ‘Dad’s Army’ team when Winogrodzki also gets taken away with the German airman. In the TV version, it was £30 for the two airmen and Winogrodzki.

The radio episode also doesn’t feature Bill Pertwee as Warden Hodges. Thus the funny ‘put that light out’ dialogue in Mainwaring’s office gets omitted with the door kept opening and closing. It also removes certain dialogue from the episode where Jones can’t remember that phone number for GHQ.

‘The Enemy Within The Gates’ (Audio) rating – 8/10

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