‘The Godiva Affair’ (TV)

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While Captain Mainwaring and his men prepare to do the Morris Dance at the church hall for the Spitfire Fund, Lance Corporal Jones’ relationship with Mrs. Fox is about to be ruined. She’s apparently dating Eric Longworth as Mr. Gordon the Town Clerk. Jonesy is in a state and asks Mr. Mainwaring for help.

He asks Mr. Mainwaring to talk to Mrs. Fox. Whilst he’s reluctant, Mainwaring agrees to see Pamela Cundell as Mrs. Fox for morning coffee at the Mairgold Tea Rooms. Very soon, it goes wrong and he’s in trouble with his wife. Meanwhile a lady gets selected to play Lady Godiva in the upcoming procession.

This is one of my favourite ‘Dad’s Army’ episodes from Series 7. It has grown on me over the years. I love that Morris Dance scene of the ‘Dad’s Army’ characters when they get to practice in the church hall. It was funny when Jones and Frazer hit each other’s sticks and Wilson also wears the horse’s head.

This episode highlights more on Jones’ relationship with Mrs. Fox in the ‘Dad’s Army’ series. Jonesy insists that Mr. Mainwaring talks to Mrs. Fox about her dating the Town Clerk. Mainwaring meets up with her in the Marigold Tea Rooms and Mrs. Fox mistakenly believes that he fancies her as a result.

The ‘Dad’s Army’ team also have a shock when Bill Pertwee as Chief Warden Hodges gets semi-naked ladies in the church hall to audition for the part of Lady Godiva. Mainwaring is outraged when he sees Hodges, the Town Clerk, Frank Williams as the Vicar and Edward Sinclair as the Verger conducting this.

I did enjoy the Town Clerk’s line about “Fleshings!” in the episode. Pike gets to repeat that line with more expression. It is feared that Janet Davies as Mrs. Pike might want to play Lady Godiva in the procession. Eventually, Mrs. Fox gets chosen to be Lady Godiva. But it turns out it’s not Mrs. Fox after all.

I like how the episode ends with Mrs. Fox losing her ‘fleshings’ to play Lady Godiva after they get stolen. Somebody else plays Lady Godiva instead. Mainwaring gets a shock when he sees who Lady Godiva is in the procession. The horse is shocked too! 😀 It isn’t Mrs. Pike though! It’s Mrs. Mainwaring!

‘The Godiva Affair’ is very funny as a ‘Dad’s Army’ episode. I enjoyed how Jonesy gets panicky about his relationship with Mrs. Fox being in jeopardy. It was also funny to see Mr. Mainwaring’s reaction to his wife playing Lady Godiva in the procession. It’s done so well as we’re not allowed to see Mrs. Mainwaring.

‘The Godiva Affair’ (TV) rating – 9/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

‘The Godiva Affair’ was the third episode transmitted in Series 3 of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. The radio adaptation of this TV episode is pretty interesting to listen to and very enjoyable at that. I’m not sure if it’s better than its TV counterparts, but it’s one of my favourite episodes from the radio series.

One of the most notable changes from the TV version into the radio version is that the Morris Dance sequence changes into the Cornish Floral Dance sequence from the ‘Christmas Night with the Stars’ TV mini-episode called ‘Cornish Floral Dance’. That TV mini-episode is currently missing from the BBC Archives. 😦

So it was nice to hear some of the Cornish Floral Dance sequence incorporated into the radio version of ‘The Godiva Affair’. It was also incorporated into the ‘Dad’s Army Stage Show’ in 1975. The Cornish Floral Dance stuff in the radio episode of ‘The Godiva Affair’ suits well, especially for Jones’ character.

Another notable change is the casting of Larry Martyn as Private Walker. In the TV version, Tafryn Thomas played Private Cheeseman in place of Walker due to James Beck’s tragic death. Thankfully, Cheeseman doesn’t appear in the radio version and Walker is there instead, which I honestly do prefer.

Bill Pertwee reprises his role as Chief Warden Hodges in the radio episode as well as Frank Williams as the Vicar. Edward Sinclair doesn’t reprise his role as the Verger in the radio episode though. Whether it’s due to unavailability, I don’t know. Mind you, the Verger didn’t have a significant part to play in this story.

Julian Orchard guest stars as Mr. Upton the Town Clerk instead of Eric Longworth as Mr. Gordon the Town Clerk in the radio version. I enjoyed Julian Orchard’s version of the Town Clerk in the radio version of ‘The Godiva Affair’. However he doesn’t quite say “Fleshings!” the same way as Eric Longworth did it. 😀

Mollie Sugden guest stars as Mrs. Fox in the radio version of ‘The Godiva Affair’ instead of Pamela Cundell as in the TV version. I don’t think Mollie Sugden is quite a good match on Pamela Cundell’s version of Mrs. Fox in the TV series here. But she performs the character quite decently and humorously.

Mrs. Pike doesn’t appear in the radio version of ‘The Godiva Affair’, so no Pearl Hackney to play the character here. I did find Pike saying “Fleshings!” to Mr. Mainwaring a bit out of nowhere since I didn’t register he came in with Jonesy after Mainwaring had his phone conversation with his wife in his office.

‘The Godiva Affair’ (Audio) rating – 9/10

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