‘The Honourable Man’ (TV)

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In this episode, Walmington-on-Sea is about to receive a visit from a Russian member of the Soviet Union. The townspeople decide to give the Russian a key to represent the freedom of Walmington. It soon turns out that Mr. Wilson has been made ‘honourable’ and it clearly upsets Mr. Mainwaring.

This is another one of the best and classic ‘Dad’s Army’ episodes that I first saw on a VHS back when I was a kid. It’s definitely a good episode for Wilson who is made the Honourable Arthur Wilson. It clearly contrasts Wilson and Mainwaring against each other and it seems Wilson is better than Mainwaring.

I enjoyed that scene in Mainwaring’s office where Mr. Wilson explains to him how he’s been made an honourable. Mainwaring takes it so personally and is very upset that Wilson has been made a member of the golf club, as he’s been trying to get into that golf club for years. I felt for Mainwaring.

Eventually at the ceremony of the Russian visitor, Mainwaring tries to present the key of freedom to him. But the Russian visitor refuses to have the key and instead gives it to Mr. Wilson. This upsets Mainwaring again as he’d tried to get Wilson to ride his new motorbike far away from the ceremony.

Yeah! Wilson’s been given a new motorbike to ride as sergeant of the platoon. But Wilson’s been reluctant to ride it. When Wilson does get to ride the motorbike on the day of the ceremony, he nearly knocks over the Vicar and ends up falling off the road before the Russian visitor finds him.

This episode features Bill Pertwee as Chief Warden Hodges; Edward Sinclar as the Verger and Frank Williams as the Vicar. There’s also Eric Longworth as Mr. Gordon the Town Clerk; Janet Davies as Mrs. Pike and Pamela Cundell as Mrs. Fox. Most of these characters seem to be in awe of Wilson as an honourable.

There’s also Gabor Vernon as Mr. Vladislovski, the Russian visitor and Hana Maria Pravda as his interpreter. Robert Raglan also appears as the Colonel. It was funny when Mainwaring got annoyed by the band playing the same march over and over again to welcome Vladislovski at the ceremony.

‘The Honourable Man’ is very good and everyone seems to be praising of Wilson as an honourable. 😀 Wilson is very laid back whenever people are in awe of him. I liked the interaction between him and Mainwaring in this episode. I enjoyed it when the platoon grounded their arms and Jonesy always fell over. 😀

‘The Honourable Man’ (TV) rating – 10/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

This was the second episode transmitted in Series 3 of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. This was a pretty good radio adaptation of the TV episode. There are some noticeable changes in the translation of the TV episode into the radio episode. But I have very fond memories hearing this one.

The cast includes the full ‘Dad’s Army’ platoon of Mainwaring; Wilson; Jones; Frazer; Walker; Godfrey and Pike as usual. Yes, even Larry Martyn plays Walker in this one. 😀 Bill Pertwee also plays Chief Warden Hodges in the radio adaptation as well as Julian Orchard as Mr. Upton the Town Clerk.

Surprisingly though, the Vicar and the Verger don’t appear in this episode. Neither do Mrs. Fox or Mrs. Pike. This is rather unusual considering that Wilson had praise from many people about him being an honourable in the TV episode. There seems to be less of that featured in the radio episode.

Here’s some interesting trivia to compare Julian Orchard as the Town Clerk to Eric Longworth as the character. In the radio series, the Town Clerk is called Mr. Upton. But in the TV series, he’s called Mr. Gordon. Not sure why they changed that name in the radio series. Did Upton sound a better name?

Fraser Kerr plays the visiting Russian…or the Russian visitor…or Mr. Vladislovski, however you want to identify him in the radio episode. Interestingly, he doesn’t have an interpreter to translate what he says in Russian to English in radio as he did in the TV episode. He manages to speak good English.

There’s an interesting moment in the episode where Mainwaring sees Mr. Upton in his office about Wilson being the man to give the key to the Russian visitor. After Mr. Upton is gone, Wilson is already there in his office. Yet he was out in that hall when Mainwaring had his meeting with Upton.

This was confusing for me as I listened to the episode. I wondered how Wilson suddenly managed to appear when he did after Mr. Upton had gone. Did he sneak into the church hall office and overhear what was said between Mainwaring and Upton? It’s not a very well-executed scene here.

When the Russian visitor arrives by car, Wilson steps out first to meet Mainwaring and the Town Clerk, which was amusing. Wilson explains to Mainwaring what happened when he was on his motorbike. The band playing the march audio from the TV episode gets reused in the radio episode.

‘The Honourable Man’ (Audio) rating – 8/10

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