‘The Love of Three Oranges’ (TV)

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This is the last of the three ‘Dad’s Army’ TV Christmas Specials. It’s not the best Christmas episode for me. It’s 30 minutes long and it has all of the ‘Dad’s Army’ characters taking part in a festive winter bazaar. Bill Pertwee as Hodges tries to sell three oranges. Mainwaring is hoping to win one. 🙂

I found it funny when the episode began with the ‘Dad’s Army’ members all in their snow camouflage outfits for Christmas. It was also funny that Wilson didn’t want to be a fool in public with his camouflage suit on. But Mainwaring doesn’t feel a fool with his on! That is a matter of opinion. 🙂

It was enjoyable to see all the ‘Dad’s Army’ characters we know and love gathered in the church hall to discuss the winter bazaar. During the winter bazaar, Jones has a monster brawn to sell. But the brawn easily melts with it being hot in the church hall. Jones and Pike have to keep lugging it in and out. 😀

It was very funny when the monster brawn got run over by a motorbike driver. I also enjoyed it when Frazer does a self-portrait of Mainwaring and he’s very appalled by it. Mrs. Mainwaring’s contribution is a collection of lamp shades for sale which end up being funny hats for the kids in this.

I enjoyed it when Eric Longworth as the Town Clerk got tidily drinking Godfrey’s elderberry wine. It was a delight to see Joan Cooper as Dolly, Godfrey’s sister as well as Janet Davis as Mrs. Pike. There’s also Frank Williams as the Vicar, Edward Sinclair as the Verger and Olive Mercer as Mrs. Yeatman. 😀

There’s also Pamela Cundell as Mrs. Fox. It was amusing when Pike tried to buy the third orange at Hodges’ auction and Mainwaring was bidding against himself. Pike paid ten shillings for the orange in the end. Mainwaring hopes to please his wife Elizabeth with the orange, but it does not go very well.

The episode ends with Mainwaring sharing his orange with the rest of the ‘Dad’s Army’ team. Hodges spoils things when he enters the office to tell Mainwaring that the orange is made from marmalade. This seems to be a mean trick played on by Hodges as having oranges in war time is rare.

‘The Love of Three Oranges’ is an enjoyable ‘Dad’s Army’ Christmas Special! Even though it’s not one of the best, I enjoyed some of the character moments during the episode. It was also intriguing that this ‘Dad’s Army’ episode was made after an absence of the TV series between Series 8 and Series 9.

On Disc 14 of ‘The Complete ‘Dad’s Army’ DVD collection’, there are three ‘Christmas Night with the Stars’ mini-episodes of ‘Dad’s Army’ that I love watching every Christmas time. There’s ‘Resisting the Aggressor Down The Ages’ and ‘Broadcast to the Empire’. There’s also ‘Cornish Floral Dance’, but that exists as an audio recording only since the episode is sadly missing from the BBC Archives. There’s also ‘The Passing Years’ documentary with behind-the-scenes cast and crew interviews; two ‘Blue Peter’ items; ‘The Coward Revue’ musical item; two ‘Dad’s Army’ stage show items; two ‘Dad’s Army’ public information films; a photo gallery for the Christmas Specials and some ‘Radio Times Covers’ PDFs.

‘The Love of Three Oranges’ (TV) rating – 6/10

‘Dad’s Army’: Christmas Specials – 10/10

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