‘The Miser’s Hoard’ (TV)

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This is a Frazer-centred ‘Dad’s Army’ episode. Private Frazer is determined not to let Captain Mainwaring or anybody else have his fortune of gold sovereigns that he’s been keeping secretly in his undertaker’s shop. Mainwaring and the others watch Frazer when he starts digging in the churchyard.

This is a rather average ‘Dad’s Army’ episode. It’s not a standout favourite of mine. In fact, I don’t think Series 9 is the best season of the ‘Dad’s Army’ TV series, especially as the show was on its way out. But this was an interesting episode to see in dealing with Frazer’s obsession of keeping his gold and money.

This episode features a special guest appearance by Fulton MacKay as Dr. McCeavedy. Fulton has been in ‘Dad’s Army’ before in ‘We Know Our Onions’ and was in ‘Some Mothers Do ‘Ave Them’; ‘Porridge’ and ‘Doctor Who and the Silurians’. It was so intriguing to see him discovering Frazer’s gold sovereigns.

Although quite frankly, he did push the box containing the gold sovereigns over on purpose from Frazer’s desk. The episode also features Bill Pertwee as Chief Warden Hodges, Frank Williams as the Vicar and Edward Sinclair as the Verger. These three also look in on Frazer’s ‘dealings’ with sovereigns.

I did think the Vicar was mean in demanding church contributions from Frazer with his sovereigns. He should’ve been subtler than that. It does get Frazer to stop coming to parade and even phones up Mainwaring to put the blame on him. Mainwaring tries being reasonable. Frazer just won’t have it. 😀

There’s one scene where Jonesy tries to teach the ‘Dad’s Army’ team how to use a bandit with a gas mask/respirator on. I liked it when Pike mimicked Frazer’s cackle to Mainwaring when watching him dig in the churchyard. It was also funny to see Wilson drunk in the episode. Pike is disapproving of this.

The episode ends on a rather bad anti-climax. I couldn’t see where the episode was going with Frazer managing to outwit Mainwaring and not be willing to trust him to protect his gold. It seemed rather unfair, especially after nine seasons of Frazer getting to know Mainwaring and the ‘Dad’s Army’ team!

‘The Miser’s Hoard’ is not a great ‘Dad’s Army’ episode for me. It does portray some characters like the Vicar, the Verger and Hodges as rather selfish and Mainwaring’s attempts to help Frazer go unhindered and unappreciated. It would’ve been good to have a follow-up episode to this certain one.

‘The Miser’s Hoard’ (TV) rating – 6/10

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