‘The Showing Up of Corporal Jones’ (TV)


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In this episode, Mainwaring and his men are visited by Martin Wyldeck as Major Regan who comes to inspect the platoon. During his inspection, Regan considers Jones to be too old for service in the Home Guard. Jones has to prove himself in the ‘Dad’s Army’ team by completing this assault course.

He has to do it in fifteen minutes. Mainwaring doesn’t believe he can do it, but Jones insists that he can. During a mock test, Jones isn’t really up to the task. But Walker soon comes up with an idea. He and others in the ‘Dad’s Army’ team help to convince Major Regan and the Brigadier. Will it all work?

I like how this episode focuses upon Jones as a character and how his old age gets in the way of his enthusiasm. The scenes where Jones is tested during Regan’s inspection were funny to watch. I felt sorry for Jones as Regan is being unfair on him and he wants him to stand down from active service.

The scenes where Jones tries to do the assault course were funny to watch. As I said, before the day, he tries it out and fails miserably. This is when he’s climbing over a wall and has to crawl through a large blanket. That scene where Jones comes up behind Mainwaring as they try to find him is funny.

With Walker’s plan to help Jones, he and some of the platoon try to fake out that Jones is doing the test for Major Regan and Patrick Waddington as the Brigadier as they take his place for him. This is while the song ‘Good Morning’ gets sung in the background. I liked hearing that song in the episode.

I remember that song being sung during the 1950s movie ‘Singin’ the Rain’. I found it funny when Jones had to remember a message and he reads it off a board held for him behind Regan and the Brigadier. Regan isn’t swayed as the Brigadier is but gets more than he bargained for when investigating.

This episode also features the first appearance of Edward Sinclair as Maurice Yeatman the Verger. He doesn’t have a major role in the episode and is simply referred to as the Caretaker in his debut appearance. He gets agitated when Major Regan bosses him around as he complains to Mainwaring.

‘The Showing Up of Corporal Jones’ is a good episode from Series 1 of ‘Dad’s Army’. It establishes Jones as a character and shows how Mainwaring values him in the ‘Dad’s Army’ platoon despite Regan’s protests. Janet Davies also guest stars as Mrs. Pike in the story, bringing in bunny balaclavas. 😀

‘The Showing Up of Corporal Jones’ (TV) rating – 8/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

‘The Showing Up of Corporal Jones’ was the thirteenth episode transmitted in the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. It’s ironic that this episode was shown as the thirteenth in the radio series as opposed to the fifth in the TV series. There are some notable differences adapting the TV episode into a radio episode.

John Laurie as Frazer and Arnold Ridley as Godfrey star in this episode, but not Ian Lavender as Pike despite getting a mention in the episode. Most significantly, this episode features the first appearance of Graham Stark as Private Walker, who took over from James Beck after he passed away.

I found Graham Stark reasonably good as Walker in this episode. He’s not as good as James Beck and he’s not as good as Larry Martyn later on in the radio series. But he manages to get the tone of what Walker sounds like in the TV series. There’s also Walker’s sharp energy in Graham Stark’s performance.

Jack Watson guest stars as Major Regan in the radio episode, not Martin Wyldeck as in the TV series. In fact, I believe this Major Regan’s only appearance in the radio series as opposed to the two he did in the TV series. Jack Watson was previously in the radio versions of ‘Operation Kilt’ and ‘Battle School’.

The notable differences that I noticed in the radio version of the TV episode were that there’s no Mrs. Pike; no Verger and no Brigadier characters in it. The stuff where Mrs. Pike is about to cut off Mainwaring, Wilson and Pike’s bunny balaclava ears off before Major Regan enters gets omitted here.

There aren’t any complaints made by the Verger when he’s pushed around by Major Regan and there’s no Brigadier with Regan to witness Jones doing his assault course at the end. There’s also a new scene where Jones does charge forward to fight an imaginary German before ending up smashing into a wall.

There’s also a new scene where Walker, Frazer and Godfrey visit Jonesy in his butcher’s shop and they outline their plan for getting him to win the assault course. Walker and Frazer help Jones in the assault course, but Frazer falls in the mud and Walkers falls in the river. The ‘Good Morning’ song doesn’t get played.

I was disappointed as I found that song catchy in the TV version. Godfrey also whispers the message to Jones to say to Regan rather than holding a board for him, which I’m sure Regan would’ve heard. The dialogue where Jones admitted he fancied Miss Beckwith from ‘Command Decision’ gets included here.

‘The Showing Up of Corporal Jones’ (Audio) rating – 7/10

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