‘Time On My Hands’ (TV)

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This is another one of my favourite episodes in ‘Dad’s Army’. Captain Mainwaring and his men have to rescue a German pilot who’s ‘dangling’ from the top of the town hall in Walmington-on-Sea. They manage to get the pilot in from his parachute, but they’re soon marooned at the top of the tower.

I enjoyed it when Pike ran in to interrupt Mainwaring and Wilson during their morning coffee at the Marigold Tearooms and told them the German Pilot is ‘dangling’ from the tower of the town hall clock. Jonesy runs in and says “Don’t Panic!”. He wants to get his bayonet as ‘they don’t like it up ’em’.

I liked it when they’re on top of the town hall clock tower and they’re trying to get the German pilot in, who’s not able to understand a word they say. He speaks German only. Jonesy manages to maroon them all by getting a pole and he destroys the ladders leading up to the top of the tower in the process.

Very soon, after getting the German pilot in, they try to find a way to get down. They get no help from Hodges down below and soon everybody thinks of an amusing suggestion to get down. It was funny when the clockwork figures in the tower started moving and Jonesy is on the horse going around.

I enjoyed seeing Harold Bennett as Mr. Blewitt, who keeps on telling Hodges how good the Germans are at making things. This makes me wonder how Mr. Blewitt knows the Germans are good at making things. I’m surprised that Hodges and Mainwaring didn’t question Mr. Blewitt on the matter.

Bill Pertwee guest stars as Chief Warden Hodges in the episode, who gets annoyed when the ‘Dad’s Army’ team ruin his ladders up to the top of the town hall clock tower. There’s also Frank Williams as the Vicar and Edward Sinclair as the Verger.  The Vicar saves the day with a bow and an arrow in this tale.

The episode also features Joan Cooper as Miss Fortescue in the Marigold Tearooms. Joan Cooper was of course the real-life wife of Arthur Lowe. There’s also Eric Longworth who makes his TV debut as Mr. Gordon the Town Clerk. There’s also Christopher Sandford as the German Pilot in the episode.

‘Time On My Hands’ is definitely one of my favourite episodes of ‘Dad’s Army’ and a great way to end Series 5. It’s very amusing with the ‘Dad’s Army’ team trying to find a way to get a German pilot from a parachute into the town hall clock tower and it’s very amusing how they find ways to get down.

On Disc 8 of ‘The Complete ‘Dad’s Army’ DVD collection’, there’s ‘We Are The Boys…John Laurie’ focusing on the actor who played Frazer in the series. There’s also a photo gallery of Series 5.

‘Time On My Hands’ (TV) rating – 10/10

‘Dad’s Army’: Series 5 – 9/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

This is the twenty-first episode of Series 3 in the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. I enjoyed this radio adaptation of ‘Time On My Hands’ very much. I sticks more or less to the plot, although there are some extra bits and new characters to compensate for any omissions made from the original episode on TV.

Larry Martyn plays Walker in the radio version of the episode. What’s interesting is that Walker doesn’t make the suggestion that causes the clockwork figures in the tower to go around at the episode’s end. Instead, he notices the Vicar being up to something as he watches what goes on below.

Bill Pertwee reprises his role of Chief Warden Hodges in the radio episode as he did in the TV version. It was very funny how the scene was played out with Hodges shouting up to the ‘Dad’s Army’ team after they ruined his ladders. Apparently, Pike and Mainwaring can’t hear what he’s saying and vice versa.

Frank Williams reprises his role as the Vicar in the radio episode as he did in the TV version. Edward Sinclair as the Verger isn’t in the radio episode though. Thus Hodges says the Verger’s lines to the Vicar as they’re witnessing the ‘Dad’s Army’ team bringing the German pilot into the town hall’s clock tower.

Erik Chitty guest stars as Mr. Parsons, a new character in the radio episode. He replaces the Mr. Blewitt character that was in the TV episode. Unlike Mr. Blewitt though, Mr. Parson actually goes up the clock tower to help the ‘Dad’s Army’ team to help pull the German pilot in. He must be an agile elderly man.

Fraser Kerr guest stars as the German Pilot in the radio episode instead of Christopher Sandford as in the TV version. I found the German Pilot funny to listen to, especially when Jones dealt with him and he said “Schnell, Schnell!” Jones told him “Never mind about the smell.” It’s funny in radio as in TV. 😀

Other characters absent from the TV episode into the radio episode are as follows. Colin Bean doesn’t appear as Private Sponge. Thus Godfrey says Sponge’s lines to the Vicar in the radio episode. Joan Cooper doesn’t appear as Miss Fortescue and Eric Longworth doesn’t appear as the Town Clerk either.

I enjoyed it when Pike threw down empty bottles down to the ground below and the sound effects they make. The episode ends differently in radio compared to TV. Mr. Parsons happens to be trapped out onto the parapet at the episode’s climax as the ‘Dad’s Army’ team try to get him back in.

‘Time On My Hands’ (Audio) rating – 9/10

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