‘Wake Up Walmington’ (TV)

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This first episode of the last series of ‘Dad’s Army’ has Captain Mainwaring and his men dressing up as fifth communists. They attempt to give the people of Walmington-on-Sea a fright, after not being taken seriously. Will the ‘Dad’s Army’ team be able to regain their reputation or fail really miserably?

I like how this episode has the ‘Dad’s Army’ team dress up in various costumes to act as fifth communists. Mainwaring tries to look sinister by having an eye-patch over one eye and wearing glasses at the same time which was very funny. Frazer and Wilson even ridicule Mainwaring about it.

Pike’s costume is the best of them as he dresses up like an American gangster. It was funny when Mainwaring criticised Wilson and Frazer’s disguises as they criticised his. Jonesy also dresses up as a nun before he gets told by Mainwaring to get out of that habit and be in his normal butcher clothes.

Bill Pertwee as Chief Warden Hodges joins the ‘Dad’s Army’ team too after he’s not been taken seriously by Harold Bennett as Mr. Blewitt. I like how Hodges tries to be part of the ‘Dad’s Army’ team, but the others don’t take him seriously. Hodges should’ve had more ARP wardens joining him.

I also liked it when Edward Sinclair as the Verger took a phone message for Captain Mainwaring and he got it all wrong when telling it to Godfrey who stays behind at the church hall. The message was “Wake up! Roger!” The Verger thought there was someone called Roger having a hospital operation.

This episode also features Geoffrey Lumsden as Captain Square. I think this is the first time Captain Square’s been in ‘Dad’s Army’ after a long while. I enjoyed it when he and Mainwaring spared off each other at the episode’s end. They still spar off each other when the episode’s end credits roll up.

Frank Williams as the Vicar also makes an appearance in this episode. There’s also a small appearance by Jeffrey Holland who plays a soldier driving a van in the episode. Jeffrey Holland would later go on to star as a regular in shows like ‘Hi-De-Hi’; ‘You Rang M’Lord’ and ‘Oh Doctor Beeching!’

‘Wake Up Walmington’ is a nice episode to begin Series 9 of ‘Dad’s Army’. It’s not as good as ‘Ring Dem Bells’ where the ‘Dad’s Army’ team dressed up as Nazis. But I like how the ‘Dad’s Army’ team try to make the Walmington-on-Sea people take them seriously and they almost succeed in the episode.

‘Wake Up Walmington’ (TV) rating – 8/10

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