‘When Did You Last See Your Money?’ (TV)

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This is one of the best episodes that I’ve seen from one of ‘The Very Best of Dad’s Army’ VHSs as a kid. Corporal Jones tries to pay in £500 into the bank. It then turns to be half a pound of sausages. Jones goes to pieces before Mainwaring and his men try to help him remember where he last saw his money.

Clive Dunn excels as Jones in this episode. I found it funny when Jonesy goes into a panic and he can’t remember where he last left his money. I loved that scene where he ‘calmly’ tries to recall where he’d last seen his money to the rest of the ‘Dad’s Army’ team in the church hall before he goes into another panic.

Eventually Frazer tries to hypnotise Jones into remembering where he had last seen his money. Jonesy, under hypnosis, recalls that he must have stuffed the money in Mr. Blewitt’s chicken. Very soon, the ‘Dad’s Army’ team visit Harold Bennett as Mr. Blewitt at his house at night-time to examine his chicken.

It was nice to see Harold Bennett make an appearance as Mr. Blewitt in this episode. Mr. Blewitt has become a reoccurring favourite in the cast list for ‘Dad’s Army’. It was funny to see him get annoyed with Mainwaring and his men trying to see his chicken before it turns out the money’s not there at all.

This episode also features Edward Sinclair as the Verger who wakes up Frank Williams as the Vicar to warn him about Frazer hypnotising Jones, believing it to be some black magic rite or something. Bill Pertwee also appears as Chief Warden Hodges when seeing Mainwaring and his men at Blewitt’s house.

I liked that last scene where Jonesy is about to pay the £500 out of his own money at the bank before Tony Hughes as Mr. Billings (who gave him the money in the first place) comes round and he gives him the misplaced money. Jonesy is so overjoyed before he asks Mr. Mainwaring, “Where’s my sausages?”

I did feel sorry for Wilson who got himself drenched under a tarpaulin of water due to heavy rainfall in Mainwaring’s office. Mainwaring wouldn’t even let Wilson come under his umbrella. With the half a pound of sausages featured in this episode, I would like to have some sausages to eat for dinner. 😀

‘When Did You Last See Your Money?’ is a very funny Jonesy episode to watch from ‘Dad’s Army’. I enjoyed how Jones’ character gets developed in this episode and how Mainwaring and his men willingly help him to get his money back. This shows the characters working as friends instead of being soldiers.

‘When Did You Last See Your Money?’ (TV) rating – 9/10


Please feel free to comment on my review.

This is the sixteenth episode in Series 2 of the ‘Dad’s Army’ radio series. The first time I heard ‘When Did You Last See Your Money?’ on audio was when I listened to one of ‘The Very Best Episodes’ CDs of ‘Dad’s Army’ – Volume 3. I knew this episode off by heart before listening to it again for the review.

This is a fairly good radio adaptation of the TV episode. However the radio episode has a notable absence of Walker from it. Why Larry Martyn didn’t reprise his role as Walker in this ‘Dad’s Army’ radio episode of ‘When Did You Last See Your Money?’, I’ve no idea. Maybe he wasn’t available for it.

Thus a number of lines that were originally meant for Walker get given to other characters like Frazer and Pike in the radio episode. Frazer complains about Jonesy searching his funeral parlour and jokes about Joan Blondell in front of Pike. Pike also says Walker’s lines when witnessing Frazer hypnotising Jonesy.

Timothy Bateson guest stars as Mr. Blewitt in the radio episode instead of Harold Bennett as on TV. Timothy Bateson played Mr. Blewitt before in the radio episode of ‘No Spring For Frazer’. I don’t think Timothy Bateson is as good as Harold Bennett’s interpretation, but he was very enjoyable to hear.

As well as Mr. Blewitt, Timothy Bateson also plays Mr. Billings who come around to the bank to give Jonesy the misplaced money of £500. I’m amazed that Timothy Bateson can alternate between various voices since he sounds so different when playing Mr. Blewitt compared to playing Mr. Billings in the story.

The episode ends on an amusing note when Jonesy enquires about where the sausages for Mr. Billings are. Pike receives a phone call from Mrs. Mainwaring who asks if her husband could get more sausages from Mr. Jones after last night. I assumed this was the case that Mainwaring took the sausages home.

Frank Williams and Edward Sinclair don’t appear as the Vicar and the Verger in this radio version of ‘When Did You Last See Your Money?’ So the transition of Jonesy breaking out of his trance by Pike to get back into it by Frazer feels rushed in the radio version. I would’ve preferred some time in-between.

Bill Pertwee also doesn’t appear as Chief Warden Hodges in the radio episode. A lamer excuse for why Mainwaring’s men want to look inside Mr. Blewitt’s chicken is given compared to the TV version. Jonesy also doesn’t sound so calm as he should be when recalling the tale of the missing money in radio compared to TV.

‘When Did You Last See Your Money?’ (Audio) – 8/10

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3 thoughts on “‘When Did You Last See Your Money?’ (TV)

  1. Rob Keeley

    This is one of my favourite “Dad’s Army” episodes and we had that video too! It is indeed a great Jonesy episode and also has some great Mainwaring and Wilson material at the start, where Mainwaring refuses to leave the office he has spent years acquiring, despite water dripping from the ceiling! When I was a kid I felt so sorry for Wilson getting soaking wet, but when he sees that tarpaulin he just has to poke it! (I have a sort of memory we got shown that in Cubs once to illustrate why you shouldn’t touch the tent in a rainstorm.) Great sets, acting and direction in an episode that never leaves the studio. The original series was far superior to the modern film. First-rate.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Hi Rob.

    Thanks for leaving a comment. Glad you enjoyed my review on ‘When Did You Last See Your Money?’ and pleased that to hear that it’s one of your favourite ‘Dad’s Army’ episodes.

    Oh yes, the early scenes with Mainwaring and Wilson at the bank in Mainwaring’s office are very funny. I couldn’t help feel that Mainwaring was being silly about not moving to the stock-room at Wilson’s suggestion. But you can’t help find that funny as well when water drips in from he tarpaulin.

    Yes I felt sorry for Wilson too and thought it was unfair that Mainwaring wouldn’t let him share the umbrella with him. Mainwaring thinks himself so important that he doesn’t let Wilson under his umbrella from the dripping water. Mind you, Mainwaring did have a point. He shouldn’t have poked the tarpaulin when he should. 😀

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this ‘Dad’s Army’ episode. I really appreciate them.

    I’m enjoying revisiting my ‘Dad’s Army’ reviews by re-watching the series. You can’t beat the classic series, no. It definitely is better than the remake film of ‘Dad’s Army’. In fact, I found the latest ‘We’re Doomed – The Dad’s Army Story’ drama better than the 2016 film.

    Many thanks, Rob.

    Hope you enjoy reading more ‘Dad’s Army’ reviews on my blog.

    Tim. 🙂


  3. Rob Keeley

    Thanks Tim! It’s an excellent blog, came across it quite by accident! But would love to read and comment more. I grew up with repeats and videos of “Dad’s Army”. I agree “We’re Doomed!” was better than the recent film.

    Thanks and speak soon


    Liked by 1 person


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